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  1. Aussie RMZ

    Big Gun Exhaust/WB Exhaust

    Same with me Pilikan. Very happy with the big gun system I put on. Big increase in power, sounds hot as well. Many comments on the sound of the pipe. I only increased the pilot as well. It is a pain removing the oil filter tho.
  2. Aussie RMZ

    valve inspection

    I think the manual says 10 hrs. I check every 10 hours but I've only had to do the LH inlet twice- done approx 45 hrs from memory? I dont rev the bike out, and have found the quickest way is to short shift and use the torque. If you ride on the rev limited like the experts I'd be checking much sooner than 10 hrs! P.S touch wood I've never had any of the problems that are associated with the 04's.
  3. Aussie RMZ

    Too rich or too lean?

    I've found the problem. Went to a mates practice track on the weekend. Again after the bike having been ridden for awhile and was hot - it wouldnt kick start. I thought I'd put the standard rev box back on as a last resort. Problem fixed. It will start with no hot start, and a minimum of effort - first kick everytime. You can also hand start it.
  4. Aussie RMZ

    Too rich or too lean?

    100% right. Whether its a car, 2 stroke or 4 stroke bike, the richer it is the further the screw is out. I've been stuffing around with the air screw - its now out about 2 1/4 turns. Looks more promising. I can start the bike with my hand. Going for a blast on the weekend at the local MX track so hopefully....
  5. Aussie RMZ

    Too rich or too lean?

    Thanks for the replies erveryone. I changed the pilot to a 45. It had a 42, but it wouldnt run hardly at all when hot and backfired and farted like you'd never believe
  6. Aussie RMZ

    Too rich or too lean?

    Sorry mate, had a look in the weeked. Colour looks right - a light brown colour. Stuffed if I know. Maybe the CDI playing up?
  7. Aussie RMZ

    Too rich or too lean?

    Hello everyone Since installing a big gun exhaust I've been slowly trying to get the jetting right. The bike at times is a pig to start when hot. Sometimes it'll fire up after 2 kicks, the other I need to push start it. - push starts very easy tho. I've increased the size inthe pilot jet to a 45 which made a big difference. I've noticed that if you twist the throttle slightly before you start it and also using the hot start it'll be fine- this this a pain in the backside as there is a fine line. I gather this means its still a little too lean. So would you play with the pilot screw or look at other jetting such as lifting the needle & increasing the main? (thought the these 2 only affacted mid and top end tho?). Bike doesnt backfire or fart when trying to start, and I had the valves checked & LH intake was re-shimmed all after installing the pipe. Thanks for the help.
  8. Aussie RMZ

    Question on Big Gun Pipe & Rev Box

    I was real happy with the gain in performance and noise with the pipe and rev box over standard. I rode it for about 10 hrs with the standard setup, then about another 2 with the big gun stuff. Ideally I know the vortex is the better one but it came with the bike.
  9. Aussie RMZ

    Question on Big Gun Pipe & Rev Box

    When I bought my 04 RMZ it can with a Big Gun complete pipe system & rev box - bike was bought 2nd hand. I've only just taken off the stockos to try the aftermarket Gig Gun items. Has anyone had problems with either Big Gun rev boxes or other aftermarket boxes? APPARANTLY the exhaust system should run fine with existing jets, so I'm thinking its the rev box. Bike starts fine when cold but not when hot - backfires and farts. Never had a problem with the stock items. Bike started easy hot or cold. It is running a 42 pilot & 185 main. Just didnt know whether it was a simple fix or just go back to the stock rev box? Great forum as well. Thanks