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  1. TD-3

    Trouble With 2000 yz426f!

    Did you make sure the valve shims where seated well? I once had a couple of them not seat all the way, which then held the valve slightly open and it woundn't start.
  2. TD-3

    Tires for the Woods

    I've tried a lot of tires and found that the Bridgestone M403 works the best for me. I run the 90/100 up front, it is a very predictable tire.
  3. TD-3

    YZ426F Frame Finally Back

    Looks awesome! Be sure to post pics of your progress.
  4. I have run the Rekluse on a 03 and an 06 YZ450, both bikes I had to go down one size on the pilot and adjust the fuel screw for the conditions. The only downside is the lean backfire on decel, which most people spend way too much time worrying about anyway.
  5. My 06 is much better than my old 03 for me....so that would be for you to decide. If you have a chance to try even an 06....go for it...I think you'll be surprised at how different the two bikes are.
  6. TD-3


    Looks like a great day!
  7. TD-3

    rekluse and stalling

    I've found on my 03 and 06 YZ450F that I needed to go DOWN one size on the pilot jet and pay close attention to the fuel screw, it likes it lean.
  8. TD-3

    Purchasing a 2006 YZ450F

    Whether the price is high or not is a hard question to answer without knowing what used bike prices are like in Alaska. But I do know that the 06 YZ450 is a great bike.
  9. If I where that far into the engine, I would replace the whole crank assembly. The difference between having it rebuilt, and new, is probably around $100 to $150...........easy decision to me.
  10. A properly installed Rekluse clutch would cause NONE of these issues. I would fix what ails the bike rather than blame it on the clutch.
  11. I ran my old 03 with stock gearing for the trail, but I was running a Rekluse clutch which made the most difference for off roading the YZ.
  12. TD-3

    building a stand

    I built one using this as a guide. http://www.dirtrider.net/justkdx/footlift.html
  13. When I replaced the crank in my 03: * I took a bunch pictures of the disassembly process. * Kept the manual within arms reach. * Used ziplock baggies for the parts/bolts and labeled them (this alone was a huge time saver when it came time to reassemble). * I also set aside a clean and organized work bench area for the motor and covered it with a towel when waiting for parts All in all it was a pretty simple process. Good luck!
  14. I do! For all the reasons you mentioned!