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  1. MIMafia922

    CDI for '83 XR 80?

    I tried to find a CDI on ebay but nothing came up. My main problem was the guy I bought the points off of on ebay sent me the wrong points. With the correct ones in, it ran good!
  2. MIMafia922

    CDI for '83 XR 80?

    Is there a CDI conversion for an '83 XR 80? What parts would one need? I have had the flywheel off and am battling getting the thing in time.
  3. MIMafia922

    1983 XR80 Timing Issues

    I am trying to locate the timing marks for an '83 xr80 on the cases and I can't find them/unsure of what to look for.(especially after looking at clymer's normally reliable illustrations. The marks on the flywheel are clear to see, but the cases I'm unsure of. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  4. I have an 04 CRF 450 and I wondered if there was a preference on this board to the zipty or scotts fuel screw??
  5. MIMafia922

    Back wheel comes to front when jumping.

    Is there a diffrence in how it acts if your 3/4 in 3rd vs 1/2 in 4th? It does sound like your rebound is fast, and a steady throttle will help.
  6. MIMafia922

    hard starting.

    I blip the throttle 4 or 5 times when its cold out, I've never flooded it or had a problem. One time I had a blockage in a fuel line that was causing the bike to not get any gas. I pulled the fuel lines off and blew them out, one was totally plugged. Most likely itss your valves being to tight though. Re-shim them if their to tight and enjoy an easy starting bike.
  7. MIMafia922

    Ultimate CRF450 -what would you build

    The achilles heel of these bikes are the stock valvetrain being weak, I would send out the top end and get stainless valves, good springs(kibblewhite) and a good piston. A Barnett clutch basket and rebuild kit will help smoothe out power delivery, and enhance durability. As far as suspension goes RG3, Factory Connection, MB1, Pro Circuit, are all awesome. I personally have Noleen J6 and I couldn't be happier. If you do send in your suspension, be honest about your riding ability, you will be happy. Also, the factory connection guards are cheap insurance. Most other items are bling factor and a trip to any major amateur MX race will help. The 30+ and 40+ guys usually have some top notch equipment.
  8. MIMafia922

    New 06 CRF450 for a woods weapon

    I would definately forget about the crf as a woods weapon. I mostly MX, but when we go to the northern MI trails my buddies RM250 makes my bike feel like a couch. I have an '04 with Noleen J6 that I love for moto, but trail riding it is just lacks the fun factor in the tight 2nd gear trails...
  9. MIMafia922

    04 crf450 Oil won't drain...

    Omigosh..I feel like a heel now..Panick over nothing.. Well, I am glad for this forum. Thank you.
  10. MIMafia922

    2005 with no service

    Run, don't walk. I am so pissed off with my CRF I won't be buying a 4 stroke again. Two of my buddies have new 250 2 strokes, fun to ride, easy to work on, and cheap simple fixes.
  11. MIMafia922

    04 crf450 Oil won't drain...

    Yes, I am. I used the drain plug right under the shifter. I actually am so scared of the 4 stroke I over change the oil with amsoil 4 stroke oil. Now my worst fears seem to be coming true..Thanks, Scott
  12. MIMafia922

    04 crf450 Oil won't drain...

    P.S. I did replace the timing plug and gasket with a new one.
  13. MIMafia922


    I'm ready to go back to a 2 stroke, these 4 strokes are an expensive, technical, time bomb.
  14. MIMafia922

    04 crf450 Oil won't drain...

    I went to do a routine oil change (and filter) on my '04 crf 450. I started the bike and drained the oil, which seemed to come out fine. I use a billy who factory fill, which I carefully filled then went to replace the drained oil with and after 1/2 the bottle was in the crankcase, oil started spilling out the side...I quickly loosened the drain plug, with no luck. My crancase is full, and no oil is draining!! I kicked it over, tried tapping with a deadblow hammer with no results. I recently measured my valves, which were in spec., and I also hamfistedly over torqued the timing plug on the left side. At the time I crushed the engine plug, it didn't look like anything went into the engine. I have started the engine since that has happened, and there are no weird noises it runs smoothe and quiet. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  15. MIMafia922

    Rear Tire of choice... and the winner is…

    How about the Kenda Milleville?? It's way meatier than the 756. I just put them on my bike and I think their pretty good. They MAY chunk a little more than a 756, but their half the $$$