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  1. if I understand the specs correctly the springs on sx model are different on 12 vs 13 and most reports say the 500 bucks youd save wouldnt be worth it. resale alone would be worth that jmo I just purchased both 250sx 150sx both 2013 units do to the 13 being a better buy imo
  2. you get on a series yet? Razerback series for example?
  3. my 150 has a magura W/ brake away lever but the 250 does not? both bikes 2013 sx model
  4. the 2012 i better the 2013 is awsome
  5. If I get quality high octane fuel it seems fine, just installed a Loud Mouth filter and suspension valving W/springs on tghe forks. rear is next:
  6. Race fuel may not be necessary but I been asking around almost all the die hard two stroke riders run at least a 50/50. I had no issues until I got fuel from a different company. There are several that run straight 101 octane :-)
  7. I used a diff fuel source I'm pretty sure it was poor fuel I will be running 3 gallons gas one gallon race fuel mix that should solve it. I ride alot for a half to half mix $$$ :-)
  8. I had my bike for two wks and rode it 6 track hrs, and the 2012 is not the same:
  9. Thats just what it is I guess from experience is how I know I cant think of any thing else that do that or make the same sound?
  10. Today I got a slight ping ( spark knock) what's the bests cure more octane or needle position?
  11. Read the posts and yes the information is helping I do have some knowledge of jetting but haven't had to do a needle clip adjustment or main jet change in yrs so I need to learn more and be more confident in what works best :-)
  12. The temps change weekly and most the time a jet kit is cheaper than buying several individual jets and I have more than one ktm two stroke so it gives more options but didn't realize so many smart ass experts where out there perhaps I could reword post in the future to ask " Why is there no need to rejet a two stroke for a cold/hot weather change?"
  13. Just went from 2012kx450 to a 2013 250sx I likes it a lot. noregrets:
  14. They Are NOT sold out:
  15. I need plastic kit , grapics, jet kit?