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  1. 1989xr250r

    replaced rings valve seals...still smoking??

    yes, i believe so my dad helped me with it alot in fact he did all of it i was a helper. they should be in right. what are signs of them being in upside down?
  2. i replaced the piston rings, valve seals, and honed the cylinder and the bike still smokes. it only does it when it gets ran for 20 mins and it was blue at first then i turned it off and waited 2 hours or so now it is white is this a big problem? did i do anything wrong? thanks for the help 2002 drz400s dads 1989xr250r mine
  3. 1989xr250r

    breaking in engine? how to do it

    i finished it and i did not put oil in the cylinder i let the oil run through and it ran good no smoke then towrds the end of 20 mins of taking it easy it started to smoke again like it did before so i shut it off i havent started it yet. What could that be from? is it fine or bad news? thank you for the help
  4. i recently replaced my piston rings, honed the cylinder, valve seals, and gaskets and I'm not sure how to break it in and if i have to??? please help thank you
  5. i am leaving for a vacation on 7/19 and i'm going to oregon idaho and montana and i'm looking for places to ride. if you guys could help me out with places, directions, maps or anything that would be great. thanks alot
  6. 1989xr250r

    xr250r exhaust pipe wanted

    i need a xr250r exhaust pipe that will fit an 1989 xr250r if you have one and would like to sell it let me know. help me out guys!! thanx
  7. question 1. what year of parts will fit a 1989 xr250r i need a rear axle used or new that will fit my bike. if you guys know where i can get one or have one your interested in selling let me know i really need one thanx guys