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  1. hey i have a ttr 250. and i was wondering if u can tell me where u got the pipe and if it really helps. and what else have u done to ur bike to give it more juice. thanks for the help.
  2. well i live in the cuntry and i never have probs with the neighbors it is just i dont want people that r 8 blocks away hearing it.
  3. hey i need to no if i can get a slip on muffler for my ttr-250 that isnt to load and will piss off the neighbors?
  4. so can i jump it with out bottoming out on small air and some tabletops
  5. i just got my bike about a year ago. i have to questions? what can i do to give my ttr-250 more power and can i jump this bike?
  6. i have a question. can you jump a ttr-250. and what could i do to give it more power