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  1. http://www.bikeszone.com/content/view/545/
  2. from this past weekend- held off the 150R's for 7 out of 10 laps! http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00494w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00433w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00426w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00424w_jpg.jpg
  3. it's an FMF header- i cut it and added a piece in
  4. first off is the coeshow engine a 150? second- IF he can muster 22hp ,with reasonable reliability from an aircooled 150F then i'd like to talk to him about what he's done and or a price on doing me one.a stock F makes what...? 11 hp? the last time i dynoe'd mine it made just shy of 16 hp
  5. try a CR80/85 throttle i have one on my 150F but it has an Engines Only 28mm also, i have the CR 1/4 turn on my TTR125
  6. i have a lowering link for sale mpress@charter.net
  7. oh wait... he didn't really say that seriously did he!!??
  8. another poster stated he had a 22 hp 150F and i thought i'd add to the joking around...
  9. mine makes 23+ and i re-sleeved the cylinder down to 100cc.
  10. your close to me- i'm in Athens 497 0090
  11. will do
  12. ported head? oversize intake valve? valves sunk? compression ratio?
  13. doesn't really matter- just change it often. personally i feel better about having clean $3.00 a qt. dino than $8.00 syn. thats been in the bike for 10 hours riding time. i change mine after every race weekend and my 4 strokes see about an hour of actual running time each. CRF150 and TTR125
  14. i have a 2001 GasGas 270 here on loan from a friend who lost interest. it is clean and unabused. not sure what he wants for it off hand. located near Huntsville,Alabama
  15. contact Ryan Young- www.rypusa.com/ the Sherco is quiet robust and reliable any bike can be abused so it's important that you look a used one over and ask questions and request proof of repairs. the first area i'd look at would be the shock linkage is it a novice one owner or an expert owned(abused ) bike? the engines are Sherco Honda has an interest in the Montesa and the engine side cove has the HRC logo though i doubt HRC are building them. Yamaha has a hand in the Scorpa brand GasGas are good too- they make their own engine