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  1. http://www.bikeszone.com/content/view/545/
  2. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    from this past weekend- held off the 150R's for 7 out of 10 laps! http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00494w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00433w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00426w_jpg.jpg http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/moebuster/?action=view&current=Dsc00424w_jpg.jpg
  3. Mookie

    TTR125 roadracer

    it's an FMF header- i cut it and added a piece in
  4. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    first off is the coeshow engine a 150? second- IF he can muster 22hp ,with reasonable reliability from an aircooled 150F then i'd like to talk to him about what he's done and or a price on doing me one.a stock F makes what...? 11 hp? the last time i dynoe'd mine it made just shy of 16 hp
  5. Mookie

    quick turn throttle for 230?

    try a CR80/85 throttle i have one on my 150F but it has an Engines Only 28mm also, i have the CR 1/4 turn on my TTR125
  6. Mookie

    lowering a 2007 crf 150 f

    i have a lowering link for sale mpress@charter.net
  7. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    oh wait... he didn't really say that seriously did he!!??
  8. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    another poster stated he had a 22 hp 150F and i thought i'd add to the joking around...
  9. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    mine makes 23+ and i re-sleeved the cylinder down to 100cc.
  10. Mookie

    searching again

    your close to me- i'm in Athens 497 0090
  11. Mookie

    searching again

    will do
  12. Mookie

    roadrace CRF 150F

    ported head? oversize intake valve? valves sunk? compression ratio?
  13. Mookie

    Which Oil Do You Use?

    doesn't really matter- just change it often. personally i feel better about having clean $3.00 a qt. dino than $8.00 syn. thats been in the bike for 10 hours riding time. i change mine after every race weekend and my 4 strokes see about an hour of actual running time each. CRF150 and TTR125
  14. Mookie

    searching again

    i have a 2001 GasGas 270 here on loan from a friend who lost interest. it is clean and unabused. not sure what he wants for it off hand. located near Huntsville,Alabama
  15. Mookie

    sherco 01 290 specs

    contact Ryan Young- www.rypusa.com/ the Sherco is quiet robust and reliable any bike can be abused so it's important that you look a used one over and ask questions and request proof of repairs. the first area i'd look at would be the shock linkage is it a novice one owner or an expert owned(abused ) bike? the engines are Sherco Honda has an interest in the Montesa and the engine side cove has the HRC logo though i doubt HRC are building them. Yamaha has a hand in the Scorpa brand GasGas are good too- they make their own engine