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    Offroading a YZ?

    I have an 04 YZ450, my first MC bike. I ride mostly technical trails in the forest and found that the bike had way too much power for my skill level. I added a 12 oz flywheel instead of changing sprockets. It tamed the beast! I still have all the power of the bike, it's just not when I'm not expecting it.
  2. ehooft1247

    Taming the YZ450 Beast????

    Hey, thanks everyone for the advice. I am going to give the track another shot before I mod the flywheel. Mostly because my friends and I are going in a few days. If I survive, and need to change I will definitely go with the Dr. D flywheel. I love me some body armour! Respectfully, Eric
  3. I am a new rider...I bought a 04 yz450f last summer. I usually ride trails and do ok. Recently I went to an indoor Mx short track and caked it 3 times mostly because of too much throttle at inapropriate times. Can someone tell me an easy way to slow down the yz450 and make the throttle more forgiving, at least until my skill and confidence improves? Would A sprocket change or different throttle control help? Thanks!