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  1. Bars are available...... TacomaTruckParts.com
  2. Howdy all, We sold our entire stock with the Labor Day Sale..... The next batch should be ready to ship in 4 - 6 weeks. I will post when they are available. Thanks for all the suggestions, help and support, Jesse __________________ TacomaTruckParts.com
  3. A cover is also good: thieves usually go after particular types or brands. So a cover also serves as a slight deterent. Jesse
  4. The IRC GP 110 is a great 50/50 tire, but wears quickly. I have been trying a MEFO on the rear and it seems to be wearing better than the IRC. I have not tested it much in the dirt though.
  5. Labor Day SALE !!!! $185.00 shipped to your door extended to September 14, 2014. Jesse
  6. Labor Day SALE !!!! $185.00 shipped to your door In honor of Labor Day, September 1, 2014.... the "working man's holiday", I am offering the remaining Motorcycle Tie-Down Bars in stock (3 left) for $150.00 + $35.00 S&H exclusively to forum members. Shipping to non-contiguous US addresses will be more, please PM me for a postage quote (California residents pay 9% Ca. tax) PM me if you are interested, or just go to the website (in my signature) and BUY NOW.... make sure to mention that you are a forum member and I will refund the difference back to you. This sale is valid through September 8, 2014 and only on the remaining stock. I will be working on another production run after these are gone. __________________ TacomaTruckParts.com Jesse
  7. Save the money and JB Weld it.... it will last the life of the bike if done properly. Jesse
  8. Handguards might be good to help prevent breaking levers when you do lay it down. Ride it a bit, then decide what you might want to add / upgrade or replace. Jesse
  9. Degrease the motor to make sure where the oil is leaking from. Do you know what if any mods were already done to the bike? Jesse
  10. you can try undercoat or bed liner spray/roll on.... that might help to "deaden" some of the sound reflecting off the motor, as well as absorb some of the sound. Jesse
  11. Also, Make sure the clutch cable is not binding and is routed properly. Jesse
  12. Reminds me of my 82 Yamaha XT550.... and to think I did long 2-week adventure/enduro trips on that AFTER it was already 20 years old....
  13. I have a few of these left....... Jesse
  14. Howdy, I wanted to share a tip: If you are transporting two bikes, use an extra strap to tie the two bikes together at the bars / grips. If you have full wrap hand guards (aka: Bark-Busters), that makes it very easy. If you don't, then just wrap the strap several times around one grip then over to the next, then back. Doing this will keep the bikes from leaning to the outside when turning.... which will happen no matter which "motorcycle bed bar" you use. See the pics below.... yellow strap on the bars. Another tip: I always run a strap over the back tire(s) using the rear D-rings (near the tail gate). Very simple for one bike; If you have two bikes in the bed, put a cooler between the rear wheels to keep them from sliding inward, towards eachother. Both of these tips help keep the bike(s) firmly in place while you travel to your destination. I hope this helps..... Jesse 2012 Toyota Tacoma with two bikes loaded properly.... No lean at all through turns.