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    Bachelor vs Bachelorette Party....

    I've been to a couple of male strip shows for various reasons, bachelorette parties, mostly. They are entertaining, but I would not go as far as saying it's a particularly enjoyable experience. Nekkid men, while I certainly have an appreciation for them, ain't pretty. Seen some female strippers too, with guy buddies that wanted to go to strip joints. I'm not offended by it, but I just think it's kinda gross and don't see the appeal. The funniest thing I've ever seen in my life? Midget strippers. Yep. 3.5 ft tall, nekkid, swinging on a pole to bad Michael Jackson music. They were midget twins and apparently do a traveling strip show to various strip clubs around the country. The Little Sisters - imagine that. I went with some friends after seeing an ad in the newspaper about it, and they were the main attraction and it was packed in there to see the midgets. Something I'll never forget. The things you see in WV.... Amanda
  2. AmandaWV

    Hooters on Scooters T-shirts available

    I like it! 1 medium babydoll please.
  3. AmandaWV

    OT: Jeep pix.

    I won't be stacking on as many miles now because of the Yukon I bought a while back - it's my road trip/bike hauler/other errands driver and the jeep is for work and play. I got 26k miles out of the first set of swampers and they still had some life left in them. The cost of running the tires is really not an issue as long as they work. I get paid $100/day for using the TJ at work, so it's all a wash anyway. It already rides crappy due to the lift and the tires, so I'm used to it and don't mind it anymore. I solved the noise issue a few weeks ago by a new kenwood stereo, wheel well speakers and a 750 watt amp/sub. I can hear the readio over the tires no matter what, so not a problem. I do have the d35 in the back, and I'm planning to upgrade to a d44 or the ford 8.8 you had mentioned before. I'd much rather have the d44 so I'm sort of looking for a wrecked rubicon that I can buy and use the parts I need then part out the rest of it. Or rebuild it? Who knows. I'm planning on 4.56 gears, but that's subject to change like anything else and I may end up going to 4.88. I've already got the new lift and the SYE kit so that's the only stuff that definite for right now. I change my mind constantly on what I want to do with it - I'm such a freakin woman!
  4. AmandaWV

    OT: Jeep pix.

    I've looked at those bighorns and haven't ruled them out as an option, as well as the buckshots. With the miles I put on that jeep, my tire expense is pretty high - a little over $2k in the last year for 2 sets of super swampers and one set of the KO's. The jeep is an 05 and has 90k miles on it - so I've got some cash in tires and I want to look at some cheaper ones. I've not done much hard core off roading with it as it's been my daily driver and is my lifeline for work but now that I've got a spare vehicle I'll start to beat the snot out of it for fun. Especially since camp jeep is close to here this year and I'm going to try to make it there. I'm still un-locked and have stock gears but that's all changing soon. I may as well just have my paychecks direct deposit to quadratec. And the ktm dealer while I'm at it.
  5. AmandaWV

    OT: Jeep pix.

    Yeah, smirk of payback is exactly what that was. FC, in the first picture I'm on Super Swamper TSL's which I took off for the winter. I was running the BFG KO's for the winter and just put the swampers back on a few weeks ago. I'm swapping out the lift and going to 35" tires and I'm thinking about the M/T MTZ's or the baja claws. Undecided yet. The KO's were great except in soft mud where they would pack full of the stuff and even though I have the I-6, the jeep just doesn't have the power to spin them and clean them out. Great on the road and in snow, though. iroc, my job title is Lead Environmental Inspector and I work in natural gas pipeline construction. Right now I'm on a job near Harrisonburg, VA where we're putting in 33 miles of 24" pipeline. I've got 2 inspectors that work for me and we oversee things like this- A stream crossing: Another stream, but also steep hill: Drilling under the interstate: And what it looks like on a large scale - pretty cool shot: It's hard at times and the lifestyle is pretty tough, but I absolutely love what I do. I can't imagine another career that fits my personality as much as this one. Plus, it pays well enough to support my very expensive hobbies so that's another benefit. Sorry for the hijack, FC! Amanda
  6. AmandaWV

    OT: Jeep pix.

    I want to go there! I think I need to move to Colorado. Most of my off-roading is done at work (pretty cool job), so it's pretty tame but still fun. Here's what I get paid to do: This is dragging out a guy in a scrambler who had a few minutes prior said that "Jeeps don't get stuck if ya know how to drive them." Rock on, dude... And playing on one of our access roads: I'll get out on the job more later today in some of the fun stuff and get better pictures. Nice YJ, FC. I like it! Awesome trails, also. I'm hoping to be working out west next year, most likely in WY and I can't wait to get out there. Amanda
  7. AmandaWV

    Riding street

    When I talked to my agent, I said "SV650." I gave her the VIN number, and she told me the rate. In a case like that, I give as little information as possible. The VIN tells them everything they need to know. I never use the word sport bike. She didn't say anything about the SV being considered a sport bike. I'm insured this time through Travelers. My last SV was through Dairyland in WV and it was only $180/year but I don't remember what the coverage was. I think I'd find a new agent if I were you. Wouldn't hurt to shop around on it a little, anyway.
  8. AmandaWV

    Riding street

    I couldn't be happier with my SV650S. Plenty of power to have fun, just enough to get you in a little trouble with big mistakes, but not enough that it isn't forgiving to a beginner. I spent countless thousands of miles on a 250 ninja for 2 years and it was a great bike and served the purpose of teaching basic street skill but I got to a point to where I was "over-riding" the bike. With your dirt experience, you would do fine on an SV. The FZ6 was my 2nd choice, but I just love the v-twin. My SV is cheap to insure also - It's roughly $250-ish a year in Virginia for full coverage on a 100/300 policy for me at 27 y/o, single, clean record. Can't beat that with a stick. SV's are also cheap to buy used. The 02 that I have now is my second SV and I paid $3200 for it last fall with 3700 miles on it. It had been dropped and has some scratches on the plastic, but that's just that much less it will hurt my feelings when I drop it. They're a ton of fun to ride and cheap to buy, insure and maintain. Amanda
  9. AmandaWV

    North Carolina?

    I lived in Charlotte for a few years in college and I grew up on the southern NC coast. 45min-1hr south of charlotte is Caroline Adventure World. I went there opening weekend in april and it's a pretty decent place, roughly 100 miles of trails in varying degrees of easy to bar-banging single track as well as an enduro course and a couple of mx tracks. Uwharrie is an hour or 2 east of charlotte but I've never been there. I hear it's pretty steep and rocky, and I'm not sure how much riding is there. Google Uwharrie national forest/state forest (not sure which) and I'm sure you'll find it. Not too far from there is Brushy Mtn, Durhamtown in GA as well as some trails in the Charleston, SC area which is only a few hours away. Lots of MX tracks in that area, and a HS series, NCHSA. All the riding aside, though, no amount of money could ever pay me to live in Charlotte again. Way too crowded for my taste, and a pretty uptight, yuppie-ish crowd. I lived in north Charlotte near Mooresville/Lake Norman, so it could have just been the part of town I was in. There is not much to do other than night clubs, restaurants and shopping, none of which I particularly enjoy. I wasn't into riding yet when I lived there, so that may have changed my opinion a little but probably not by much. Lake Norman is nice but crowded at times and a very expensive place to live. If you're into large cities and crowds of people, it would be a nice place to be. The weather is great (compared to PA), but summer is hot and humid. Winter is mild, snow is a rare occurrance. Lots of jobs and the downtown area has a neat flavor to it - lots of culture and things to see. The inside entertainment is abundant, and if you're a nascar fan (NOT me), you'll be in paradise. The area is growing like crazy, so it must be a decent place to be. Good luck! Amanda
  10. AmandaWV

    Does your bike have a name?

    I hear ya. My main motivation on my recent GMC Yukon purchase was so that I can put the jeep down for a while for some major work. I got the Full Traction 4" ultimate system and a 1" body lift for it to replace the cheapo 3" suspension lift in it now. I got the SYE kit to go with it, but I'm doing the extra lift on it to run 35's on it. But, to do that, I've gotta upgrade my axles and re-gear to 4.56. A complete set of F/R Dana 44's are HARD to come by under $6k and I'm just not going to pay that. I'm watching ebay hoping something comes along. I need to find a guy to remember me at christmas. How's that work? Nah, I'll keep my money to myself. Post up a picture of your jeep. I'll get a more recent shot of mine since the new tires, bushwacker flares and olympic rocker guards. And the new black top and soft doors and whatever else I've done. Just Empty Every Pocket, as they say. Amanda
  11. AmandaWV

    Does your bike have a name?

    Now THAT looks like fun. If i had the time to do it, I would build a rally car of some sort. It looks like too much fun. But with 4 bikes and 2 vehicles, I've got enough to do (and pay for).
  12. AmandaWV

    Does your bike have a name?

    I name everything I have. This used to be Jed, but is now just "Monster Jeep." It looks a lot different now, but this is the general idea: This is SuperZoe, the bright orange sesame street character. I'm about to rename it "Turd" I think: This is Charlie, as in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", most awesome bike I've ever ridden, the 200EXC: This is Gum, as in Big Red, although I call it "POS," in the nicest way possible, of course. This is Steve. SV with a few extra letters thrown in. I think that's all my toys. I just bought a Yukon to use as a backup/spare vehicle and I think I'll call it The Magic School Bus. That's what it feels like to drive after having a jeep for so long. Amanda
  13. AmandaWV

    Small Girl, Big Bike?

    And to think I had my well set-up 04 200 exc in the classifieds and couldn't get rid of the thing for $2600! I'm surprised they're going for that much and are that hard to find. Check the ktmtalk classifieds, also. There's usually some deals in there. I'm glad I kept mine, though. I love that bike. I bought an 07 250 XC-F and, well, I'm not crazy about it. It's too much trouble and not very exciting to ride, plus I think that 4 strokes just aren't my style, so I think I'm just going to go back to the trusty old 200. That said, I'm 5'3-ish and weigh 110-115 lbs. The 200 is a great fit for me. It's a little tall, but it doesn't become an issue very often unless I'm in super tight technical rocky single track type riding. I started 6 years ago on a ttr 125 which lasted about 2 months then moved to a KX100. I rode the snot out of that bike for probably 3 years until I bought a CRF 250 for supermoto duty. I took that CRF out in the woods a few times to try it out, and I never went back to the little bike. Shortly after I bought the CRF, it grenaded itself so I got the 200. Been rock solid on it ever since. I've not lowered any of my bikes. I do have an EE soft seat on the 200 which drops it down a little, but I don't like the feel of it. Be careful cutting seat foam if you do it because it just seems like it altars the feel of the bike too much for me. It makes it feel more like you're sitting "in" the bike and not "on" it. I feel more in control sitting on the bike, and not in it. But that's just me and why I won't cut seat foam. You will be amazed at how easy the transition is to the big bike and once you get used to it, you'll never get back on a mini. And you'll wonder how you ever rode the darn thing in the first place. The ktm's are awesome bikes and if you look around, you'll find a deal. When you find one, jump on it and you'll not regret it. Good luck! Amanda
  14. AmandaWV

    the big brown truck

    Man, I haven't been here in a while. Missed this place. Big brown truck came to see me yesterday. It was like christmas at my house when I got home and saw the boxes on the porch. Monster Jeep is getting a makeover - new Full Traction 4" lift, 1" BL, SYE kit, bestop soft doors, 750 watt sub and amp, kenwood stereo and some wheel well speaker boxes. Quadratec must love me. Now to find the time to get it all put in. FC, did you ever do the tub liner on your jeep that you were talking about a while back? I'm still looking at options and trying to find the time to get something done with mine and was wondering how yours turned out if you had gotten it done yet. Amanda
  15. AmandaWV


    One of the best books I've ever read was Night Comes to the Cumberlands, kindof a biography/history book on the causes and effects of poverty and squalor related to coal mining in the cumberland plateau of kentucky. It was written I think in 1962 so it's pretty dated, but it's absolutely horrifying to read about what was going in that area around the depression. Another one I read recently was Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. It's the story of the guy back in the early 90's who abandoned his car, burned his money and walked into the alaska wilderness to be found dead a few months later. Fantastic story. I also really like anything by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie, 5 People you meet in heaven, etc. He's a great writer. I've read the Celestine Prophecy books and really liked those, there's a lot of good ideas in those books. Right now I'm reading The Truth About Darwin - the case against intelligent design. Pretty heavy but I'm really enjoying it. I'm starting on War and Peace when I'm done with this one. I've got tons of books if you guys are wanting to start some sort of book swap. Amanda