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    Dirt bikes an snowmobils. Somtimes I like wrenching more than riding!
  1. storm 800

    crf 80 air screw

    Its not! On a mikuni I think your right. This is a Kehin the throttle slide screw is on the right the air scre is just below it to the left. *** why is it not a flat head? How does it get adjusted?
  2. storm 800

    spark arrester for crf 80

    I bought a new one
  3. storm 800

    crf 80 air screw

    we have a crf 80 with a kehien carb an I am not sure on how to adjust the air screw! Is there a specal tool or is it got a cap that needs to be removed?
  4. storm 800

    spark arrester for crf 80

    Has anyone got the stock spark arrester fo a 05 crf 80? Kids took theirs off an now its loud. I dont like it an they need to be quiet. walleyejeff@msn.com
  5. storm 800

    XR 50 timing chain

    Could be! I might have to check it out this weeekend. Jeff
  6. Ok I am wondering if you can adjust the timing chain on the xr 50 with out taking it apart? I noticed the other day that my daughters is getting a bit noisey.
  7. storm 800

    Better rear tire?

    I have the starcross on both of our 50s. Cant beat them
  8. storm 800

    tires ?

    14psi With the added weight of a adult they dont hold up! the kids dont have problems. tubes are talcked before I put them in
  9. storm 800

    tires ?

    So how do you guys keep from blowing your tubes when you ride?
  10. I would love to trade my daughters 50 for that ktm! She is small enough for it.
  11. storm 800

    change the oil

    I use Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle oil! Used it in my 2000 WR400 since new. Never a problem.
  12. storm 800

    CRF50 Tire Mounting

    Some tire irons a warm shop an a lot of patients. Problly wount hurt to have a spare tube. I did the same tires last summer on my daughters bike an they really grab. when I ride it you can drag the peg's without slideing out.
  13. storm 800

    reviews for 2000 WR400???????

    I have the 200 WR 400 an it rock's! Never ever had a problem. I moved the breather tube up behind the headlight with a filter on it, I also did all the free mod's to. This spring I want to do the auto decompress cam. Other than that I just ride. Oh yea I also have the FMF power bome header an Q2 exhaust. Very quiet
  14. storm 800

    UP riders???

    Any body from the UP want to help me get my Wisconsin WR 400 registered? My state makes it damm near impossible to do. I will be keeping my boat in Menominee Michigan harbor this year for some great wreck diving this year. Jeff
  15. storm 800

    What Oil?

    I also use Amsoil in everything I own! economicle product an when you look at very econical. In my truck I have ran it since new 25,000 mile's on one oil an one filter. With over 200,000 miles an 10 oil changes You do the math for saving's Oh yeah its about 50.00 for a compleat oil change an filter. My bike I change way more often but thats from hard use an shared transmision. but I will go 400 miles or so. I have even sent the oil in to have it annalized. Hasent ever came close to failing. My 2 cent's