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  1. jchek779

    Trackside jet changes on 05 KX250

    I'm trying to get the bike dialed in at this point. I bought the bike used and it had a 45 pilot in it - it wasn't even on the taper of the air screw. So I'm in the process of going down on the pilot. Then I'll work on the needle position and finally the MJ. I don't mind having to yank the subframe at home and work on the jetting with test runs up/down the street. The issue is that I'm at a little bit of elevation (~2100ft) and most of the tracks I head to are not. I'd just like to be able to fine tune things at the track if need be. Riding Honda 4t's for 10 hears has seemed to spoil me because of the easy access to the underside of the carb.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if I'm missing something here - I have an 05 KX250. Is there an easier way to get to the bottom of the carb to make main/pilot jet changes without having to remove the subframe/remove the carb? I'm used to loosening the carb boot clamps and rotating the carb but the throttle cable hits the upper engine mount. I hate having to pull the subframe at the track because I'm worried about dirt getting into the carb when pulling boots/pulling the carb out. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  3. jchek779

    Gas tank nut insert repair 2000 kx250

    Had this problem a while back on a CR. I think I ran a drill bit in there to apply a torque to the insert. The insert would spin and heat up the plastic around it. This would allow the insert to eventually come out. Finish drilling to size and install a heli-coil the same size as the shroud bolt. Re-install the insert using epoxy to bond it to the tank.
  4. jchek779

    05 KX250 High RPM Flutter

    It's been a while and wanted to follow up - I checked compression (230psi) and checked my reeds (no cracks or fraying). I installed a smaller rear sprocket and hit the track again. The high RPM flutter wasn't as prevalent, but did occur in spots where I really revved the bike out. I'm led to believe that the spots on the track where I was having the flutter was due to the engine 'falling off the pipe." All is good.
  5. jchek779

    05 KX250 High RPM Flutter

    Here's some follow up - I pulled the plug and the carb to have a look into things. The carb had been jetted up 1 from stock, with a 168 main and 48 pilot installed. The plug looked great terms of color, but I noticed that the ceramic insulator had what looked like a crack running around the circumference, about a millimeter below the electrode. I ran a compression check also. 230psi...with 2 gauges. I didn't belive it at first. That's race gas territory and i'm surprised this thing hadn't come apart. I've always run 93 octane in it, but never really noticed any detonation. I can't believe this thing is pumping 230psi in stock form. Has anyone else had readings this high. BTW - I should have yanked the reed cage to inspect. The more I think about it, the more it's likely to be the reeds. At idle, this thing sounds like it has an air leak, which has been the previous tell tale signs of bad reeds on all my previous two strokes.
  6. jchek779

    05 KX250 High RPM Flutter

    Hey Guys, Been involved with TT for a while now, but mostly in the CRF450R forum. I recently picked up a lightly used 05 KX250 and I'm having a blast. My 2t knowledge is a bit rust having been on the thumpers for a while now, so I'm hoping some of you can help me out. While riding moto, I'm hearing this thing break up/flutter at high rpm. It's in those odd spots on the track where you need to shift, but don't have time before the next jump/corner. I'm wondering if the high rev flutter is reed float or ring flutter? I don't think it's a jetting issue. I'm at stock jetting, and there is zero spooge coming out of the silencer. The bike has a 51t rear sprocket. I just picked up a 49t to bridge the gap I described earlier about odd shift points. Any thoughts?
  7. jchek779

    Ring gap question

    Yep, slammed one together in a hurry one day to stick the ring. Ended up being short on ring end gap - I think it measured 0.006" after I blew it up. Cost me Piston and cylinder.
  8. jchek779

    Engine hard to roll over after rebuild

    Follow up: Well I think I finally figured this deal out. I tore the top end back down to find that the piston skirt was scoring in the bore just from turning this thing over by hand/kick start. I have a brand new stock piston that I put in and mocked the rebuild. Engine rolls over silky smooth now. Put it back together with the old piston and it locks up near BDC when I give it a kick. I'm thinking the piston is tipping in the bore as it changes direction at BDC and binds. Pull it all apart and mic the piston OD - Right at the service limit of 3.7772in. I'll be ordering some new parts today...
  9. I'm wondering what kind of luck you guys have had with the newer inside rail mount tonneau covers and transporting bikes? I'm in the market for a new cover, but don't like the idea of my bike tires rubbing/moving/dislodging the tonneau cover rails that clamp inside the box. Do any of you guys have recommendations or experience with this? Thanks.
  10. jchek779

    Any idea how to remove a broken tap?

    Actually, why not get the Cycra Stadium Pro Front # plate for an 08. They zip tie to the fork leg below the lower triple, as seen in my avatar.
  11. jchek779

    Any idea how to remove a broken tap?

    Odds are you're going to have to pull the front end apart and chuck triple in a drill press or vertical mill. You just cant control things with a hand drill. I'd yank it and try to center punch the broken tap to give the drill point somewhere to start, and try either a LH drill or EZ out. Taps aren't through hardnened, so the center should be soft enough to not need exotic drill material. If that doesn't work, your definately looking at getting that on a mill, drilling the tap to remove it, then heli-coil the hole back to M6.
  12. jchek779

    does an 2008 450 motor fit in an 2002?

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but there were some subtle and some major frame changes through the years that may not allow it to fit. 04 to 05 was a big frame change 06 got the motor tilted toward the front wheel some and I'm sure was carried out to 08 There also may have been airbox mods that may hinder the fitment of the air boot to the carb. Easy street is rebuilding your 02
  13. jchek779

    Cylinder/Water Passage Dowel

    Checked the Honda service manual - NO dowel on the 08. I'm good to go.
  14. jchek779

    Cylinder/Water Passage Dowel

    For an 08 -I'm talking about the one between the actual cylinder and the machined surface that cylinder base gasket sits on. #1 in this diagram, but no part listing http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Motosport/CRF450R%5E2002%5ECYLINDER?$oemlarge$ [url=http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Motosport/CRF450R%5E2002%5ECYLINDER?$oemlarge$][/url]
  15. At some point I lost the water passage aluminum dowel that goes between bottom of the cylinder and the top of the cases. It doesn't look like it is carried in the microfiche I've looked at. If someone has their top end apart, could the measure up that dowel for me? I'm looking for OD/ID and overall length so I can turn something on the lathe. Thanks.