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  1. Another question here is, when you do win... would you really want a Banshee. I raced a butt-ton of Banshees one day. I'd say we all raced a total of 10 or 15 times and I beat them all 90% of the time on my stock '01 YZ426F. The only time I lost, I stood a wheelie on the start, and didn't get it back down quick enough. My money's on the bike....
  2. That's because you just have a 250... I agree, in part though. Draggin' dirt bikes is kinda boring, although I'd like to see how a 426/450 fares against some street bikes in the 1/8....
  3. I'll be there this Saturday in the morning, gettin' all hoggy on the YZ426 if anyone would like to join me.... if you're reading this, thanks for hangin' with us Kevin. Hope to see someone there on the 24th (i think it is)
  4. Just camped at St. Joes last weekend and had a blast riding all day Saturday... St. Joe is the best for my $$$. Someone even made a sweet new jump there, if only my fork seals were'nt on their last leg...
  5. I'm giving a 52 tooth rear a shot next weekend... if I'm not happy with that, I'll probably try the flywheel weight.
  6. If you used an ice racing tire, it'd be a lot more messy and painful. Sure make you think twice about doing that again...
  7. Wouldn't a fanny pack be a real bummer if you land on it when wiping out?
  8. This guy just gonna get a slap on the wrist?
  9. I usually ride trails, sometimes alone... I'm trying to get a toolkit together to strap onto my bike somewhere. I'm just wondering what some of you may have put together, and what you attach it to...
  10. I got my 01 426 for $2300, and it needed new tires and a clutch cover. Tires cost me $54 for both and the clutch cover is $104.
  11. When I've got both grips off I just put some grip glue on one and then shoot some compressed air thru the bars as it slides on. then i just put a little slit in the one that's on and shoot air thru again to get the other side.
  12. Some friends and I plan on a camping trip down there on Sept. 16, or possibly the Fri-Sat after that. We'd get there in the evening, get sloshed, get up and ride the next day.
  13. How much is it to ride at each... I thought I heard my brother say Action was cheaper.
  14. I had this post in the old midwest forums, and I'm doing it again here so people who like to go to St. Joe on Saturdays can get together, I won't be there until September probably... but I'll see you there then.
  15. Haven't been yet, but my brother says Action Motocross in Richwoods, MO is pretty sweet...