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  1. Okay - I totally understand now. I have the manual but definitely did not understand the procedure as you describe it. Awesome help all! I'll pull 'em apart this weekend and follow this procedure. Thanks!
  2. Okay. This helps. The damper rid was fully extended. It took a lot of force and I got a dribble of oil out the hole. I used 195cc of oil exactly. So I should use a bit less oil and have the damper rod compressed when I insert the assembly?
  3. 05 CRF450r with Showa dual chamber Not sure I know how to answer your other question. When I filled the inner chamber I stroked the damper rod multiple times at various depths. Sounds like I need to know more about this process. what exactly is the process I need to follow to bleed them?
  4. I recently decided to perform my first fork maintenance and opted to play with the valving at the same time. I've been a shade-tree wrencher for a long time and tend to be pretty detail oriented. But - this didn't seem right. I must have missed something. To install the inner piston/spring/valve assembly, it required enormous pressure ro push the assembly down into the inner chamber. I had my 11 yo son turning the for cap wrench and I had all 190 lbs of my weight pushing the assembly down in. I put in the right amount of oil using a Ratio Rite. Any ideas?
  5. bajageorgia

    08 TTR125L, front wheel - which years fit?

    '08 TTR 125L needs a new front wheel - I can relace a new rim and I know which rims to look for. But - if I can find a deal on a whole wheel, I'll go for it as long as I know it fits. So, which years of front wheels fit? Thanks for any and all info.
  6. bajageorgia

    Clutch Basket-Which one?

    Okay - two votes for Barnett, I think I'll give them a try. Thanks gents
  7. bajageorgia

    Clutch Basket-Which one?

    Thanks for the response! I am just starting to look into the Rekluse options. I don't know anyone with one and I am little confused. What does the ZStart Pro do differently than the regular ZStart with the perch? Do both allow you to sit and a stand still in gear with no clutch? The reason I want one is that when I am on tight, technical single track, I am constantly feathering the clutch. My left hand and carpel tunnel is killing me. Which one is best for this?
  8. bajageorgia

    Clutch Basket-Which one?

    My '05 CRF450R has a notched stock clutch basket. Time to replace I guess. Everyone talks about the Hinson billet basket as the way to go. What about the Hinson steel basket? I ride almost 100% tight woods riding so a little flywheel effect wouldn't hurt. ALso, I would like to go to a Rekluse z-start with the perch someday in the future so if there are any known compatibility issues with Rekluse and either Hinson basket I'd love to hear it. What are the pros and cons to the Hinson steel versus billet?
  9. bajageorgia

    Plating Dual Sport in Arizona

    Nayther - thanks for this. Two questions, First, the Level 1 form states that if the vehicle is operable or transportable it must be brought in to an inspection office. Kinda hard to argue that it isn't transportable. How did you get around that? Second, does your AZ title display the vehicle as an ATV or a Motorcycle? Thanks again!