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  1. yamaham250

    Rabbit Creek?

    If you go past Hemingway Butte lot on Reynolds Creek road to some of the upper parking lots, there is a lot less traffic and I think the riding is good or better than below. Obrian is right, most quads I've seen that way never stop doing hot laps in the parking lot to see the back country. One day there was some LOSER on a 700 Raptard racing back back and forth in the lot, around kids, with no helmet or gear of any kind. Don't wish ill to the 4's, they need to show the same respect we show them. Should I have asked the Raptard guy to stop? Just wondering what yu guys would do.
  2. yamaham250

    cant get my WR250 to start

    My starting procedure, '01 wr250f. 1. turn on fuel 2. pull choke if it's sat for 2-3 days. 3.Pull compression lever and kick bike over slow 4-5 times. 4. Release comp lever and give starter a good kick. 5. do not touch throttle at all until bike idles for at least 5 seconds.Never fails. Hot start 1. I have a remote hot start that is variable. Open all the way, then back off a little. 2. Pull compression release and kick bike slow 2-3 times. 3. Release lever and give a good kick. 4. Do not touch throttle until it is running for a couple of seconds. 5. Close hot start valve and power shift through at least four gears. Wheeeeee!!!!
  3. yamaham250

    Dull and lifeless

    wrooster hnows a lot about dirt bikes. shame he's not talking. maybe he's too busy riding great trails somewhere. -+
  4. yamaham250

    Missouri riders?

    I grew up 50 miles from the lake and know that area well as several family members live close. For some fun trail riding through tree covered hills can't beat it. Terrain is very consistent, unlike Ca. with its valley floor to mt. top zones. I moved to Idaho though and will never move away . I hope. Affordable real estate. World class whitewater and secluded mt. roads that literally wind for 50+ miles with not a soul around.
  5. yamaham250

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I just picked up an 1983 CR500 that is in boxes and needs some engine work. Could anyone tell me where in Idaho I could have the motor checked(did not run before teardown, don't know why). I want to get it running so I can be afraid to ride it. Very Afraid.
  6. yamaham250

    any info about the dual ignition on '01 wr250

    Thanks WheelsUp for the replys. This site is the greatest thing since internal combustion.
  7. yamaham250

    any info about the dual ignition on '01 wr250

    The mechanic says that the fuel and spark are computer controlled. But as soon as I pick up the bike, hopefully Friday the fifteenth of July, I can have a better look at it and post some more characteristics of the system. The bike is in the shop due to oil in the cylinder, he thinks it may be valve guide seals leaking. Is this common? All I've read about Yamaha valves point to long life and durability.
  8. yamaham250

    any info about the dual ignition on '01 wr250

    It is an aftermarket that changes the timing and fuel rate. I want to know when to use and what changes it makes to the bikes overall performance such as fuel economy and power. I plan to do about 99% trail riding around Idaho and want to know if it is kinda unecessary for just a trail bike that might never see track time.
  9. I'm picking up my first scooter EVER next friday in Boise. It has a bar mounted toggle the mechanic says changes fuel flow, timing, but to what end?
  10. yamaham250

    What to get on a 350 dollar budget ??

    can someone talk about dual ignition on my "new" '01wr250. when to use, why to use, how it affects my bikes performance, gas mileage, powerband, etc. first dirtbike.