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  1. sick439

    WR450F=Street Legal

    Alright cool, I have seen LED tailights that actually have the blinkers inside that and have also seen tail lights hooked onto the sides of the back fenders..anyone know about that? Also would I be able to fit the supermoto tires or dual sport tires on the stock rims or should i change rims too?
  2. sick439

    WR450F=Street Legal

    Hey i plan to get an 05 WR450F and want to make it street legal. I just want to see the things I will need to make it street legal. I see the supermoto tires and they look sick, they seem they are the best for the street but could i ride with them on dirt roads? Also I want tails/Brake Lights to be very hidden, so you cant really see that they are there. ANd look very much like a dirt bike. Iv seen a couple Street legal WR450f's with very hidden taillights but dont know who makes them???? Thanks