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  1. Race Tech did a great job on my suspension
  2. For the record, I think you're all great. Including you boots-uk. To me, It's all in good fun. I've been doing this far too long to take anything too personally. Unlike some women who disagree over something and never speak again. The great thing about being a guy is we just agree to disagree and go back to the subject that originally brought us together...riging motorcycles. The next round of beers is on me guys
  3. the way I'm flattered to be called a lier by a politician Thanks for the compliment.
  4. JmE...Your world and my world are complete opposits. You are talking politics and I am talking reality. I am saying that the gun control laws that we have are completely ineffective and useless. You posted a link about a ban on owning/purchasing a .50cal rifle in CA. If I only delt with law abiding citizens on a daily basis then this wouldn't be an issue. now would it? Now do I care if a law abiding citizen owns a .50cal?? Not at all. Do I care if a criminal does...Hell Yes You say your facts come from statistics and research. My experience comes from the streets. If that makes me biased in my views then so be it.
  5. You're absolutely right. Nobody is forcing me to do my job. I do it because I love it. I have a question for you though. How you know so much about the reality of crime in California when you're in Ohio? Were you in Law Enforcement in Cali or perhaps some other profession that would make you an expert on the subject? And when I speak of gun control, I'm not talking about laws on the books. That's not reality.
  6. Ignorance is bliss
  7. And how brave do you have to be, when you are armed at all times. Try your job over here, no gun and no big stick, just a little extending baton that will either just make the other person mad, or it will break. And before you mention that our criminals are not armed, guns are involved in ever increasing numbers over here, and it is frighteningly easy to get illegal guns. Common Neil... You can't honestly be serious. You can't even compare England to Los Angeles. At least you have some type of gun control. We have NONE. DID I SAY THAT LOUD ENOUGH...ABSOLUTELY NONE. I did three tours in South Central Los Angeles and during that time I saw more people killed and took more guns off the street than you could ever imagine. As an LAPD Officer, you see more violent crime in one year on the job than a police officer in England in a life time. If you're ever in town, I will set you up with a ride-a-long on a Fri-Sat night in 77TH or S/E Division. The worst we have to offer. You won't believe you're eyes.
  8. You're right Ian, My beef is not with you at all and for that I apologize. However, I must say that I do take it a little personally when people find it so easy to talk shit about my job. Just as quickly as you defend your country, I will defend my job. I will agree that there are SOME really bad cops out there. Hell...I probably work with some...but you find that in any profession. But to say that we wear uniforms to you can "Identify societies morons" is a personal insult to me and a slap in the face to all police officers that have given their lives in the line of duty to protect people such as yourself. Officers put there lives on the line every day that they show up for work...and for what? Money??? That's a joke. The chump change that they pay me doesn't even come close to the value of my life. I could understand it better if I was getting paid millions of dollars like some sports figures. But if you play my game, and lose you make the ultimate sacrifice and there is no "better luck next time" I would willingly risk my life for you or anyone else regardless of how negative there feelings are about me and I know my colleagues would do the same. Most people would call that unselfish...some would call it stupid. I just don't want people to trivialize the job that we do and to remember sacrifices that ALL OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS have made both here and in Iraq. Peace
  9. Read the post from your So Called British neighbor. Did I throw the first stone...absolutely not. However, to make such a general statment as your friend did is bullshit, and I for one will stand up for all the cops out there that make it possible for everyone including yourself to have an opinion and enjoy Freedom Of Speech. If you think that being a Cop is that easy...then I challenge you to walk a mile in my shoes before you tell me what a dick I am. I truly doubt you have the BALLS to do my job. And to have to listen to a**holes like yourself doesn't make it any easier.
  10. Hey Boots-uk It's people exactly like you that make me love my job. It's also no surprise that you're from the UK. Most of you alcoholics drive on the wrong side of the road anyway. I was reading your post, and having dealt with a lot of idiots (tourists) from your neck of the woods, it's no wonder you get pulled over all the time. What's even more surprising is that you can actually spell. I've never known too many people from the Uk to be very educated. If you lightweights were actually able to hold your alcohol, then maybe you wouldn't have such a bad attitude, and judging by yours I'd be looking to pull you over too. So here it goes boots, if you're ever in Cali...feel free to look me up. I have a autograph book I'd like you to sign. la-motor
  11. Also bought one on July 13th... I gotta say it's definately top quality.
  12. OK Guys, I'll admit it...half the time my city issued M/C doesn't trip the damn traffic signals. So what do I do? I turn on my handy dandy red and blue EXCUUUSE MEEEE lights and run the damn signal. Now I know that most of you don't exactly have that option, but I'll be the first to tell you that any self respecting BCMC (Big City Motorcop) understands full well that most motorcycles don't trip the signals and shouldn't give you a citation unless you're an a**hole and talk yourself into one.
  14. Hey SILENTSHOK, Thanks for the words of support. And if I ever pull you over in LA...Here you go. This one is on me.
  15. I think if you walked in to court looking like this.. ..Threw up your hands. and began to rant and rave about how you mounted the plate so that when you crash...and your motorcycle was upside down the plate could be clearly legible to any approaching veh. You might just have a chance. also if you do a little of this It probably wouldn't hurt your case either. Then throw yourself at the mercy of the court. and by the time you're done the judge will most likely look like this and the officer will be saying There is no substitute for experience.