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  1. Cesario

    who here has broken a scaphoid?

    man hearing all these stories still worries me a lot. i have like 95% of my wrist use, work out, ride, everything. just hurts a little if i land on it too hard. i'm 25 now, but i wonder how much worse or better i'd get if i have the surgery, and if i'd lose some mobility like you guys did.
  2. haha yea thanks for bearin' with me guys. wish i knew i didn't have to worry about the cam chain and just make sure about being TDC and having the sprocket lined up right, would've saved us all a headache.
  3. alright guys got it all done, and just in time too. thanks for all your help.
  4. Cesario

    Top Dead Center with Cam Off 2006 450R

    how will your lobes be able to face the rear though if your cam sprocket isn't on to rotate it?
  5. nah i know that, oh man that'd suck if i did that. it's at TDC right now and the lobes are facing the rear. so does it matter where the cam chain is at on the marks?
  6. yea i wish i did it like twoup said, would've saved me a lot of time. so here's what i think i'm supposed to do based on what i've read on this post: connect the cam sprocket again, watch for the lobes so they face the rear and i'm at TDC, then unbolt the cam sprocket and line it up with the marks WITHOUT moving the chain, and it should now be lined up right? and yea, i'll mark it this time.
  7. the TDC moved since i had to rotate it to take the other cam sprocket bolt off. and if the cam's not bolted to the sprocket, only way i could tell i'm on compression stroke is by hearing that sucking sound and checking the marks then. but if the cam chain moved i don't know if the timing's gonna be right now.
  8. but what if the sprockets off? AND you think the chain moved? i'm just paranoid i'm gonna have it on wrong. i'd rather do it right the 1st time ya know.
  9. come on guys, i'm supposed to leave for glamis tonight. all i need is a point in the right direction on how to make sure my timing is right, and what marks i need to look for on the chain to make sure everything is lined up
  10. Cesario

    Newbees to riding please be careful

    sorry to hear that, a friend of mine lost his dad the same way.
  11. no love for the stupid newb huh?
  12. Cesario

    Broken Bones!!!

    damn man you are a trooper.
  13. Cesario

    cam chain stopper tool?

    i just used a screwdriver bit and a wrench, it's staying in place fine. now i got another problem though, i don't know if i have my cam chained lined up with the marks how it's supposed to be. someone help me out on this please
  14. bump! i wanna get it running tonight so i can have it ready for this weekend
  15. yea it's a total newb question, it's my first time doing the valves, and i already installed the proper shims and am putting it back together, but since i had to turn the sprocket to get the other sprocket bolt out, i forget what side is marked with what so i'm totally confused as to how it's supposed to go. I read up on a few things, reading things like 'ensure you don't skip a tooth on the cam chain or you're pile up your engine' so i wanna make sure i'm doing it right. I know it involves being at TDC, but how do it know if it's ok where my cam chain is? i see the little 'M' marks and i do remember it was next to the line on eash side, but the M's are on both sides and are differently marked, so i don't know if it's gonna be on right or not. is there a way for me to start from scratch on this so i know FOR SURE i'm lined up right again? it's a total headache, thanks.