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  1. Good morning everyone, been awhile since i have posted. A couple years ago i made my 2001 WR426 street legal. Got sick and didn't touch my bike for 2 years.Long story - won't bore you with it. Feel better now and want to get the lights and turn signals figured out. I have done countless searches on this subject but can't find answers to my specific problem. Lightning and turn signals never worked quite right. Here is where i am at. Any help will be appreciated. I have never been good at electronics but i'm trying to educate myself to change that. After researching i was able to properly " float" the ground from the stator. I bought a TrailTech regulator/rectifier and a wiring harness from ProCycle for the turn signals and lights. This is what i have done so far: ran the original hot feed from stator and newly floated ground from stator to the 2 yellow wires on the R/R. Does the R/R need to be grounded to the frame or kept isolated from circuit that grounds the motor? i currently have it NOT grounded to the chassis. Then the red and black wires coming out of the R/R , i hooked to the red and black wires on the lighting harness .Is this correct or are those wires for a battery only? I was trying to not run a battery because of space issues. I have something not hooked up right as i cannot get the bike to even start now. All lights and turn signals are connected as per instructions that came with my harness. pretty confident those are correct. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thank you very much for your time. James
  2. hurricane522

    help with 2009 RMZ 250 cylinder head

    Hello everbody, working on a friends 2009 RMZ250 and after trying to shim the valves to get the correct clearances , found out the head - camshaft journals , camshafts are shot. Was wondering if any company offers cylinder heads that come loaded with valves already installed in them? Ready to bolt on and put new camshafts in and go. Is something like this available? Thank you for any help or advice.
  3. hurricane522

    crf150f frame/parts color

    yep, like the red frame and black hardware idea. Been thinking about doing this to my 2003 150f. Post some pics when it's done - real interested to see how it turns out.
  4. hurricane522

    01 WR 426f jetting Change

    no i did not. man, thank you so much.
  5. hurricane522

    01 WR 426f jetting Change

    Hello everyone, forgive me if this has been addressed a hundred times before but i can't find what i'm looking for in my searches. I have a nice 01 wr426 and got a ridiculous deal on a brand new old stock Pro circiut full exhaust for my bike. I'm @ 1,000 ft above sea level in northeastern ohio. Any suggestions on what jetting changes to expect for this. Thank you in advance.
  6. hurricane522

    Turn signals on wr426 not flashing

    Thanks everybody for the help. I will be getting a rectifier immediately.
  7. hurricane522

    Turn signals on wr426 not flashing

    guys please bear with me here - my bike came stock with a voltage regulator mounted on the frame on the head tube. So now I have to get an aftermarket regulator for my turn signal flasher to work? Please educate me - what am i missing here? Is the factory regulator not converting the current from ac to dc? Will a regulator / rectifier be what i need? thanks
  8. hurricane522

    Turn signals on wr426 not flashing

    i didn't know i had to do that on a stock wr. I can't use my stator as is ?
  9. hurricane522

    Turn signals on wr426 not flashing

    i don't think they are LED - but i will check to be sure. Thank you for the input
  10. Good morning everyone, i just finished installing all my running gear for my bike to be street legal. It's an 01 wr426f. Lights work and turn signals come on but i don't know where in the circuit i wire in my flasher unit. i had it in line after the handlebar switch received power from my hot feed but before the turn signals. What am i doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  11. hurricane522

    01 Wr426f Jetting Help

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Sorry it took me so long to get back on here. Really appreciate the info. this site rocks!!!
  12. hurricane522

    01 Wr426f Jetting Help

    Hello everybody, got a nice 01 wr426 that had stock exhaust and jetting. Got a great deal on a full pro circuit system for my bike and wondered if anyone else here has done this and if so what jetting did you change to? Thank you for any advice.
  13. hurricane522

    WR426f accessory wiring HELP

    Hello everyone, writing in hoping i can get some advice or steered in the right direction. I have a nice 2001 WR426f that i am making street legal. I have purchased front and rear turn signals , a horn, keyed switch, and handlebar cluster switch to run turn signals, lights etc. My question is: where do i start? What wire or wires on my bike do i look for to hook into? can anyone show me or have a diagram to help me see how to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. i am a pretty decent off road mechanic but electronics have always been my weak area. I'm working on changing that. Thank you in advance.
  14. hurricane522

    Honda TRX300FW start switch problem

    Good evening everyone, hope someone can possibly help us with this problem. I have a 94' TRX300FW with a start switch problem. First came to the conclusion that the solenoid was bad, got a new soleniod but was an aftermarket one that was a lot different than the stocker...When trying to hook it up...must of hooked it up wrong as a wire began to melt...This aftermarket solenoid was much different than the stocker and came with 4 terminals hanging off it that you had to basically pick and choose which ones to hook up as it came with no directions...its a universal solenoid do be used a few different honda models...So anyhow...in trying to hook it up everything seemed to work...lights came on (nuetral, oil light, and headlights)...but then the "Clutch Diode" up in the front cluster of wires near the CDI box...began to melt...said screw this stupid solenoid..got a honda OEM one.. and hooked it up and then everything worked. The Clutch Diode didnt look too good, as it was somewhat melted, but thought id still try to use it to see if it would work...Well everything worked for a day...came out the next day to start it turned key on...headlights nice and bright nuetral light was on ....everything seemed fine but went to hit the starter button and NOTHING...any ideas???...Plus what is a little odd, and hopefully a clue to something... is when the starter button is pressed the Nuetral light dims totally out...until you depress the starter button??????? Sorry for the ridiculously long post...any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. hurricane522

    Advice on Bearing Removal

    Thank you for the speedy replies... i sort of figured i would need a special tool for them. Thanks again