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  1. 5k
  2. Along this thread...I have an 04 400s with the 3x3, FMF exhaust w/ powerbomb and the JD kit installed. I moved from Minnesota to Reno. I know I need to lean it out, but not sure best starting point for 5-10k elevation rides. Suggestions?
  3. I ended up in Huntersville...parked at the huntersville outpost and found a ton of singletrack. Bonus was the minimum maintenance roads for some puddle jumping in the pickup, and the food was decent at the outpost. OH! and I forgot to mention...there was a SERIOUS deer fly hatching up there. You'd scare up hundreds of them as you go through some thicket's. Kinda creepy, might want to stay away for a bit if you don't react well to them. Thank you guys for the help!
  4. So uh, I forgot about the State closure , and the DNR couldn't just leave the site up for trail directions. I planned a ride for this weekend with a stay in Crosslake and wanted to hit that OHM trail out that direction...I think its around Park Rapids area? Does anyone have direction to it?
  5. Anyone care to go to arkansaw WI for some riding? I've looked for some MN TT'ers at recent events, but lets face it...theres alot going on at those! I'll be there with a buddy regardless...but the more the merrier!
  6. I thought I saw you there...if I remember from last year, you're tall as hell. 13 of 14 in Vet C! heheheheh
  7. For my first Harescramble, I gotta say this was a nice event to go to. Camp sites looked great, grounds were well kept, track was great fun...had a great time and didn't finish last! Hope this comes up on next years schedule...
  8. That was a phenomenal hill...glad I went! I took the op to buy the D23 membership too, gonna try a hare scramble. Funny moment with that...the guys forgot to take my money...but I owned up...we gotta pay to play!
  9. HA! Reminds me of a local story: http://wcco.com/local/cow.noise.nuisance.2.368527.html
  10. HA! Awesome...I love how some of us forget the easiest way to increase power to weight ratio's... I did the same this a year ago, got proper sized fork and shock springs and fully understand what you felt!
  11. A quick ride is just not in the card these days...not like the old days I'm game for car pools tho...i got a trailer for three bikes and a truck. 3-4 hours in the car for 5-6 hours of riding is worth it...just takes the whole damn day.
  12. I'll be down Sat or Sun...driving from Hugo. I'm in the Blue f150 with a topper ...sticker on the back that says "I'm the Ford man your mother warned you about". DRZ has the "Stupidity should be painful" sticker (it tries to teach me...lesson after lesson...and I still don't learn) on the headlight incase you see me on the trail Rock-n-Roll.
  13. I am ALL ABOUT a winter ride...this weekend is out though...Friends b-day, a wedding, and g-pa's 93rd b-day this weeked.
  14. Ha...I gotta give the guy on the clapped out YZ some credit, he kept trying to double despite catching that high side time after time.
  15. I thought the trick was to be faster than bullets or arrows! I'll be coming out as well...I'm in the OldMan-Blue F150. See you guys round Noon.