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  1. scs_crf

    Need help with a few 05 torque specs...

    Thanks for taking the time to look those up for me! Well back to the garage i go. Thanks again. -Stephen
  2. I cant find my manual and have a few bolts holding me back from riding for the first time this year. Thanks for the help in advance. -Stephen Information needed: Left ignition cover All Motor mounts Upper and lower shock Oil capacity for both sides
  3. scs_crf

    Sandbox Arena

    I like hourly thing....the sessions are kinda sketchy. I'm up at school in duluth and i want to make it down to do some riding. It looks nice, a bit pricey, but it will be a luxury in the winter. It's what you will have to do to stay up on your riding.
  4. scs_crf

    Head bolts spinning...help

    i reset the head and it tightened up fine. new gaskets are on the way but im going to ride it this wknd before they get on im sure they will hold.
  5. scs_crf

    Head bolts spinning...help

    yeah i know im going to take it apart and put new ones in i just forgot to order them so a weekend with out will hopefully work.
  6. scs_crf

    Head bolts spinning...help

    i was putting my head on and the 2 bolts in the head seem to be spinning... I got the one to 26lbs and couldnt to 27. I hope there not spinning that would be spendy. The manual says 19ft lbs. I used my old head gasket could that have anything to do with it. Thanks
  7. I just pulled my engine apart to replace the piston and put a new S1 Hotcam in. I think it looks like it was running a tad lean. Are my valves all right or should they be replaced? The hours are unknown on the bike. I plan on putting it together tonight and running it this weekend. It might be time to get a 07 head. Thanks The first picture the piston looks to be slightly detereated. The secon picture either the valves are detereated or have deposites on them. The cross hatching looks good, there is a line of film/carbon on top. What do you remove that with? also should i use a ball hone or some scotchbrite? Thanks again.
  8. scs_crf

    CRF250 for a street bike?

    what can a 250 do for speed onroad? Our private track is getting closed down so i have no where to ride. I go to school in a month so i was thinking about getting a supermoto conversion and then riding it for a street bike. Thanks.
  9. scs_crf

    05 Valves, LI .005,RI .006 EX .009

    i didnt put a hour meter on this bike but im guessing 50-60 ive had it new since Aug 05. Thanks for the help Ill keep going threw it to find whats wrong.
  10. my bike it starting to become a pain to start. i havent rode it two weeks and i must have kicked it 50 times to get it to go. I also checked my valves RIntake .006 LIntake .005 Both Exhausts were at .009 Im thinking i need to reshim them, or possible rebuild my motor, not so sure yet. I was wondering what others thought...Thanks for your time.
  11. scs_crf

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Heres is my 05 CRF.
  12. scs_crf

    lacing front rim

    I figured it out i was crossing the the wrong spokes. I should get it trued and mounting in the morning and then im going riding for the first time this year. Can't wait.
  13. scs_crf

    lacing front rim

    just the stock guys for some powdercoating. jp do you have a pic of the otherside? thanks
  14. scs_crf

    lacing front rim

    The back wheel was easy to do, but the front seams to be a little different. I laced it up the same way as the cr 250 in my garage and its like the spokes are to long. I was able to finger tighten then to the end of the thread and still have slack all around. Oviously it isnt laced correctly. there is 3 spokes in between 2 going the same direction (counting both sides). Any help is appreciated. Heres a pic of the rear complete. The hub is alot darker but the camera makes it look lighter. bike with out a seat and front wheel.
  15. Im relacing my rear wheel and one spoke is 2mm longer or somthing, do those all go on one side or do they alternate? Thanks