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  1. zuuk

    1998 RM250 Tranny problem

    you will need to give it gas when putting it into gear. 1/8 throttle or so, or it will stall. Also, the clutch basket might be grooved, which doesnt let the clutch plates completely disengauge. I replaced the entire clutch, basket and plates, on my 97, and still I need to give it some throttle, or it will stall. It's just the way these bikes are built.
  2. zuuk

    97 RM 125 fouling plug problem update

    well, you got farther than I did. I couldn't get it to stay running beyond a block. Idle was good, new plug, ran it up to 3rd, and upon deceleration, it fouled. The primary gear should have threadlock on it and would be torqued to 70nm, so it might be tough to get off, but it is NOT reverse threaded. Turn counterclockwise to loosen.
  3. zuuk

    97 rm125 fouling plugs

    I actually have the same bike and have gone through the same process. Basically, after installing a new piston I have been having problems with wet fouling. I have just replaced the reed petals, and have yet to run the bike to get the jetting dialed back in. Also.... and I am thinking this might be a source of my problems... I changed spark plugs from an NGK BR8ES to the Iridium BR8EIX with the fine wire. Once this fine wire is fouled, there is just no getting it cleaned and operating properly again... very weak spark. So I am also going to go back to the BR8ES plug that was in it when I first purchased it (used). Either of the plugs above will work for you and are much cheaper than the $28 ones. Iridium ones are around $11. I am going to dial in the jetting this weekend and confirm that the fine wire Iridium plug is part of my problem. I will definitly get back to you on this and let you know what I find.
  4. zuuk

    Stapling seat cover back on

    an upholstery shop does upholstery. what's upholstery? upholstery is the application of different materials to cushion and cover furniture. although the type of upholstery shop you want to go to would specialize in automotive upholstery.
  5. zuuk

    Car oil in bike?

    My manual just says 10w30 oil... nothing about 'no this', 'no that', 'must contain this', 'must be motorcycle specific', 'this type is bad for wet clutch'... etc. I use the same stuff I put in the truck- Castrol GTX.
  6. wow. sorry to hear that. how did she get caught between the rollcage and ground? was it a seatbelt malfunction?
  7. zuuk

    I created a scene in class.

    I thought motocross was a combination of two terms MOTO = meaning motorcycle (from europe) CROSS = meaning cross country put them together and you have MOTOCROSS: a cross country motorcycle event.
  8. zuuk


    shift with your entire leg, not just your foot. Kind of like when you place a ball on top of your shoe and kick it up to knee it... it takes your whole leg to perform the action. Besides that, it's confidence, balance, and practice.
  9. zuuk

    a diff kind of brake tapping

    Tapping any brake brings the front end DOWN, not up.
  10. sounds like the bead is not seated. You need to really over-inflate that sucker.. like 100+ so the bead seats, then let the pressure down to where you want it. After the bead has been seated well once, you won't have to do it again until you remove the tire from the rim.
  11. zuuk

    name this gear

    looks like 2nd gear to me... last (bottom) one on the mainshaft.
  12. #2 because..... To travel the same distance at a lower arc, you must be going faster or you will case the jump. The scrub allows you to stay lower because the suspension does not toss you as high into the air. If you come off the jump normal, the rebound pushes you up. If you scrub like Stewart, the rebound is pushing sideways so you stay lower.
  13. zuuk

    changing oil on rm125 to much?

    too much oil isn't that bad in the transmission as it's just sloshing around. Next time, add about 1/2 quart then remove the check bolt and fill until it starts weeping out.
  14. clutches is sooooo stupid.
  15. zuuk

    06 RM 250 sag problem

    are you following the right procedure? Race Sag is the amount of compression with the rider on the bike. 1. place bike on stand so the rear wheel is off the ground. 2. measure from the rear axle bolt to the seat bolt. 3. take bike off stand. 4. sit on bike, both feet on pegs. 5. have someone else measure from rear axle bolt to seat bolt. 6. subtract second measurement from the first - the result is your Race Sag.