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  1. Bobdrz400s04

    jacksonville area riders

    Hey Man. I'm new to the area too.. I live in New Bern.. used to ride up in NJ in the tight woods but I'm looking for any area down here to ride.. and people too. I found a couple tracks on here that list a variety of places to ride. I wouldn't call myself slow, but I'm not a blazing crazy rider either. Send me a PM or post back here.. would be good to get back on my KTM 200 again - haven't ridden in way too long... Cheers..
  2. Bobdrz400s04

    Georgia Live Oak Motor Park

    Hey all - does anyone know anything about this place ? Is it still open ? I can't find anything online about it (other than on the TT website). I'm mostly a single track trail rider, but I wouldn't mind riding a MX track to practice cornering, etc. So long as the jumps aren't such that you must get air on them. I'd rather roll them and practice hard cornering. Thanks.. - Bob.. P.S. No longer on a drz - I ride a KTM 200 EXC.
  3. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    I think we rode the same section of the Blue Trail - there were huge berms in the turns ! It was sweet..
  4. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    Dean - I got there just as you were packing up yesterday. Met Chickenboy and Woodsrider. Nice to meet ya. Fabri and I rode all afternoon. A great day of riding - weather was perfect. Fabri decided we should switch bikes for a bit - didn't realize his hand guards stuck out farther than mine and clipped a tree on the black trail and hit the dirt .. no worries though. how about that little kid on the Mini KTM ? He had that little engine screaming in the parking lot w/ all the deep sand
  5. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    Fabri and I will be getting a later start - probably 12 noon and riding till 5 (hopefully ) .. My parents were in town (en route to FL) and I'll catch hell if I leave before them tomorrow. Should be a great day regardless.
  6. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    haha.. that's funny but a good update none the less.. must have been using your phone or blackberry.. thanks dude..
  7. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    nice dude. I'll be there in a white EDGE ranger ext cab with a Orange 200 exc in the back .. haven't decided on start time yet.. what ya riding ?
  8. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    We decided against Palmetto MX complex - we are going to go to Manchester and take it easy on the red trail (whoops galore) and ride the black single track trail a few times.. You should come and join us - we're not blazing riders (we're just out to have a good time).. Uncle Sam would be really pissed off if myself or my friend hurt ourselves and couldn't report to work on Monday.. So come on out..
  9. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    Not sure of the grooming.. the sand whoops there were just like the ones in the sandy Pine Barrens of NJ - MY KTM 200 loved them. It looks like me and my buddy are going to Palmetto Motorsports Complex on sunday - of course the more the merrier .. Does anyone know what the trails there are like ? It says they are "wide" and clean...???
  10. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding on 13th or 14th - Manchester S.F.

    Cool man - that's not in the Manchester SF, is it ?
  11. Hey all - I've only been there once but it was a good time (Jan 2010). My buddy can't ride this wkend, but I'd still like to hit the trails. If not Manchester, does anyone know if Wambaw is open? I'll ride at either, but I really don't like riding alone (not safe). All the trails at Manchester were fun - just have to make sure you don't blow by the Black single track trail. Lemme know with a post or a PM.. Thanks..
  12. Bobdrz400s04

    TE 250 Husky 2009 break in period?

    Hey - how are the Husky 2009 250 TE's ? Every says the 2010's are superior, but a dealer in my area has some great deals on the 2009's.. I would use it for trail riding, dirt / forest roads and an enduro here and there.. I doubt I'd even bother putting the signals on. Thanks.
  13. Bobdrz400s04

    Riding opportunties ?

    CR2Strokin - Nice to meet ya.. Hopefully we can get some trail riding going when I get up there in August and beyond..
  14. Bobdrz400s04


    How was manchester this past wkend ? I was up in NJ for a few days and they still have snow and ice all over. .. Glad I don't live up there anymore.. I hope to get to Manchester a bunch more times in the upcoming wkends..
  15. Bobdrz400s04

    NorthCarolina Riding opportunties ?

    Hey all. I've been in Southern SC for the last 6 mons.. Only made it up to Manchester once.. Had a great time riding though. I just found out I have 3 yr orders to Cherry Point Marine Air Station. What are the dirt riding opportunities in and around that area of NC/SC ? I imagine I can still make it to Wambaw or Manchester. We are also hoping to buy new house. Looks like there are lots avail. Thanks for the input..