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  1. I have three rides on these subtanks now and I can't begin to say how impressed I am with them! They are a high quality item and super-easy to install (10 minutes). I own a 2007 CRF450 with a Too-Tech Canada revalve and I weigh 195 pounds. I ended up adding 20cc of fork oil (to bring my level up to 380cc) to get the best combination of plushness and bottoming control. With this level, I don't come close to bottoming the fork until I get to 7 turns out on the tank adjusters (8 turns out is max). On the track, they give so much confidence when attacking rough sections and the forks still soak up the big hits (overjumps/flat landings) too. The further I turned out the adjusters, the faster my lap times got. After riding for a while with the tanks set at 6 turns out, I closed the adjusters. In effect, this "turns off" the subtanks. After doing this, I rode some laps and I could not believe how harsh the suspension felt. I thought my suspension was good before the subtanks with just the revalve but this is the icing on the cake! I guess I did not realize how much better my suspension could get. Jason from Framebreaker Racing provides great customer support and builds a great product. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from a happy customer!!
  2. gh57

    07 Racer X 450 Shootout

    Great info, thanks a bunch. I am a novice MXer and didn't want to end up with a bike I needed to hold on to, rather than ride. I loved the power delivery of my '04 CRF450 so hopefully the '07 engine is similar. I think I will be needing a revalve/new springs, especially up front. I weigh in the 200lb range. I had a revalve front & rear with .49 fork springs & 1.76 pressure springs in my '04 and they worked well. Probably the same deal with the '07.
  3. gh57

    07 Racer X 450 Shootout

    Everything I have read so far has stated that the CRF450 has a smooth, easy-to-ride powerband for '07 but Racer X keeps mentioning that the engine is hard-hitting and for advanced riders only. What's the real deal? I am planning on getting an '07 but was looking for smooth power delivery. Opinions?