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  1. I want to get a bike stand for a friend. He has a CR250AF and needs a stand for working on it. I ride also but don't really know the products that well and want to get a good one that is reasonably priced. Any suggestions would help. Or any review lists I could read.. maybe I making it too complicated but I don't want to buy a piece of crap that will just brake or fall over. Thanks for any help offered.
  2. I want to get a friend a bike stand for his cr250af. I know he wants a sturdy one that will really hold up over time and I know he likes quality. I don't really know much about what you really need to see in the specs like weight it can hold.. etc. any suggestions of whats the best or what to avoid? hoping to find a good deal on one but really set on getting this for him. want it for working on the bike. any help is appreciated. thanks
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    I am in the New River Valley, Christiansburg. I have only been able to ride at Natural Bridge. I am a girl that just started riding 3 yrs ago, 26 yrs old now. If any of you have a group gathering of riders post it so I can show. I would love to meet more ppl that ride trails. I have a CRF230, it runs great and rides way better then my XR200 did.
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    Places to ride VIrginia

    I am in SWVA and ride near Natural Bridge. It is rockbridge I think. The trails there are good because there is technical and easy. There are quads but they have specific trails they like to tear up. I am still learning and I love N.B. because the opening trails are wide and easy. Its gets kinda full on the weekends though. I try to go during the week. Also, if you want to make a trip and don't mind spending some money you should check out Hatfield and Mcoy trails in WV. They cost a lot for out of state pps but they can be lots of fun and have many many many miles of trails.
  5. I have a diamond headlight from acerbis that I need help with. I want to install it on a 2004 CRF230. I don't know how to tie into the existing electrical. I know the bike can support it. If someone can tell me where to find exact instructions or tell me themselves how to do it that would be great. I really want to install this light. I know there are other brands that might be better but this one came with the bike when I bought it. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Well, this is not new, it has been around for years. The author of this particular posting of it was saying that the eco concience group named for it wasn't responsible. I don't think there are many people at all doing any of these things and we should not get too caught up in the lunacy of it. As riders we just need to do our best to follow the laws and lobby for support of our hobby. And people in the south are actually known to be very hospitable people. Not crazy, and not too much time on their hands. I am currently in VA and I have lived in WV, people may seem a little strange but they are average in distribution of kindness and meaness, and most are very friendly. The meanest people I have ever spoken to have actually been from the new england states but even those people I don't think would set traps that could seriously harm or kill another person. That's my 2 cents So all this is really just a bunch of crap that almost none of us will ever run into. And the original author was saying that enemy soliders, as in an attack on the US, were ridding bikes.