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    DRZ-KLX 125 Mods and Results

    i dont have any dyno equipment, so i try to look at my mods by physics and flow. i increased air to carb and i put bigger main jet to increase fuel then i opened up exhaust, but i didnt make exhaust bigger than the header pipe diameter, cause that would kill back pressure. so by doing the above it should increase performance, also it sounds meaner. i have read alot of people say the stock exhaust is very restricting and i agree, this is meant to be a play bike not a racer. i really dont wanna make it to strong or other parts may fell since they werent designed for alot of horsepower. so i think im gonna leave my bike just with the mods i did so far.
  2. peewee777

    DRZ-KLX 125 Mods and Results

    KLX 125 2005, here is the ""Mods"". i put on the BBR front springs. i Changed the sprocket fromt 57 teeth to 51 teeth, to make more speed. i airbox mod, i took out the snorkel and made the airhole twice as large. i changed the main jet fron 102.5 to 110. i took off the exhaust end cap and drilled two 5/8 inch holes in the aluminum internal baffle, then i made my own end cap out of a small paintcan Lid and i made the exit about 50 percent larger. here is the ""Results"" the fork springs work perfect for me, i'm 150 LBS and i ride semi fast. the bike now handles turns and jumps and bumps. the sprocket also helped, the bike stock has no top speed, now it is faster and i didnt lose any low end power cause of the other mods. well the airbox and carb jet and pipe mods did help the throttle response and acceleration is much better, and sound it makes is so nice, its not crappy loud, when im at idle it is barley louder, but when i rev it up it sounds so sweet. the overall results have made me very happy with the bike...... Do any of u guys think i could still get more power by getting a aftermarket pipe or have the mods i made to my pipe really do about the same thing??
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    RPT 50 , thanks for your help, i will get the springs.
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    i just got a kLx 125"L" , its a 2005, Do any of u guys know if the BBR springs for the forks are stronger than the stock springs in my "L" version of the bike ?