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  1. jryder827

    YZ 125 Pro Taper Twister Throttle tube questions

    I went with the Motion Pro Titan throttle tube. No bearing but smooth and very strong.
  2. jryder827

    CORCS, any members?

    Haha ok copy that. I will go with 1/2 tank just to be sure I will make it.
  3. jryder827

    CORCS, any members?

    I am thinking of racing this weekend. Couple of questions though. Is there a spot they set up for a pit stop? I have a YZ250 with the stock tank so I will need to top off probably half way through the race. Does CORCS use transponders? I didnt see anything on their site.
  4. jryder827

    Buying a new yz250 tomorrow!

    Here is one in the Denver area. Maybe they will ship it? http://denver.craigslist.org/mcd/4323781888.html
  5. jryder827

    advice for Yz 250 mods

    I have the same bike. I do like the newer carb needle. It seemed to help with the pinging. I plan on doing the GYTR flywheel weight as my next motor mod. Other than that probably a Tusk braided front line, newer caliper, and tusk 270mm front rotor
  6. jryder827

    Shock Service

    I ended up using Hitchcock.Really reasonable prices and fast turn around.
  7. jryder827

    Thunder Valley this Wednesday?

    It wasn't ridable anyway. This was before the BIG snow, spring can't get here fast enough.
  8. jryder827

    Thunder Valley this Wednesday?

    I am planning on going again today. Supposed to be warmer today before it snows again.
  9. jryder827

    Thunder Valley this Wednesday?

    I was thinking of heading to Thunder Valley today. Anyone else going?
  10. jryder827

    Thunder Valley this Wednesday?

    I might go to Thunder Valley tomorrow. What time were you thinking?
  11. jryder827

    Colorado Shock Service

    I have a couple of shocks that need to get serviced. (kaw and Yam). No valving work, just oil changes and recharge. Any recommendations near Castle Rock, Denver, or the Springs?
  12. I love this thread. It inspired me to update my '06 YZ250 which was completely stock prior to this. I just need to throw on my new Bridgestones and hit the track.
  13. jryder827

    GYTR graphics (the old girl gets a new dress)

    Hallsy, yes thats me. Ok, so I ordered the GYTR graphics twice from two different vendors and of course they are out of stock or backordered.Can you tell me where you got yours from? 23hrs on that KTM! Its still like new.
  14. jryder827

    GYTR graphics (the old girl gets a new dress)

    Hey Hallsy, Nice YZ.... I just bought the same graphics for my '06. I want to find the GYTR trim kit too to make it look like the old factory YZ's. I can't seem to find it though. By the way how is that '11 KTM treating you? I think you bought that off of me.
  15. WakeJunkie, Where did you by the fender and side panels separately? I can't find them. Thanks