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  1. Red Rider 96v

    On Injured Reserve

    Sorry to hear that and hope you get well soon. I know the feeling check out my ouch! post in this forum. You'll only come back stronger, smarter, and more determined.
  2. Red Rider 96v


    WRider 21.....Sorry my mistake.........That was another guy....I actually helped him up and off the track (after my crash). That was Glenns bike on the ground #336. That rider only rung his bell. Other then a minor concussion he was ok.
  3. Red Rider 96v


    You can see the knee brace lines around the bruise. I think they helped. I use the EVS SX 01. The abrasion is where the hinge is located and around the knee cap you can see the plastic knee cap line. I always wear full protection including full riding gear, chest protector, Tech 8 boots, knee braces and a neck roll. I'm ok and walking around today. It may be a week or so before I master them new whoops!!!!!
  4. Red Rider 96v


    Yep WRider21........that was my debut into the jackass movie.....96 V amateur on a CRF 450...oh and don't try to triple into those whoops until they harden up! (it was more like a double and a half in). Dam them Michelin's have hard knobs when your leg in gets stuck in the swingarm and the motor is reving!!!!!
  5. Red Rider 96v

    If You Cant Jump. Why Would You?

    Track design is very important to keeping the sport alive (mx). Unsafe designs only add to the lawsuits, injuries, etc. If I owned that track and witnessed the carnage, I would grab the dozer at the end of the first moto and make a nice sandy tabletop. Besides dust, loud exhausts and dumb riders doing idiotic things, these types of designs are taking us in the wrong direction.
  6. Red Rider 96v


    1 word.......Whoops!!!!!
  7. Red Rider 96v


    Ouch!!!!!!! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/19117441654.jpg&s=x2
  8. Red Rider 96v

    Porting vs bigbore

    What is the longevity with the modifications. Most riders / owners are already complaining about maintenance intervals. I think Honda is already at the horsepower to maintenance borderline. Just a thought…..don’t kill the messenger! Mine is a stock 2003 CRF 450R and the motor is untouched to this point. I bought it new and maintain the hell out of it.
  9. Red Rider 96v

    Porting vs bigbore

    For MX that is.........Supermoto is another animal and the power will most definitely be a plus.
  10. Red Rider 96v

    Porting vs bigbore

    This is just my opinion, but I would leave any CRF450 stock. I do and I never regretted it. The bike is fast enough and its one of the best stock power bands available. Most people can't even use the available stock power and it does not make them any faster on a track. Some of the most highly modified bikes are owned by the slowest riders in the planet (not all). If you are not RC fast, spend your money on other things! (plus your bike will last a lot longer).
  11. Red Rider 96v

    Interesting Suspension Setting

    Yes it is Rocky Hill! http://www.ctmotocross.com/
  12. Red Rider 96v

    Red Rider 96V MX Video

  13. Red Rider 96v

    Interesting Suspension Setting

    I had factory connection do my suspension last year and I haven't touched it since I got it back (obviously I set the sag). Its been the best investment I could have made. It was like a new bike. The bike even cornered better. The bike is plush for my vet behind and handles the big jumps at my track like a works bike. Check out my riding video at ....... http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=IM00024385
  14. Red Rider 96v

    2003 CRF450R (used) Worth Buying?

    It's harder to work on then a 2 smoker, but if its well maintained it should last at least two seasons. If it starts easy and runs good, don't worry about it. If you are concerned, check the valve clearance before you buy! (if the seller will let you).
  15. Red Rider 96v

    2003 CRF450R (used) Worth Buying?

    My 2003 CRF 450R has been flawless. If its been well maintained grab it. My bike is stock and the motor is untouched. I ride about twice a week during riding season in Connecticut. I ride hard and maintain it well. Best bike I ever owned.