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  1. kaizen26

    white vs. black.....

    plastics. which holds up better and dont look like crap after 2 rides? what's your thoughts? i have black excels w/ gold hubs. need plastics and trying to figure out which to get.
  2. kaizen26

    Pro Taper Accutrax 20mm offset Triple Clamps

    wrong area. bottom, not the top. that goes on top of the bar mount. i am talking about underneath the top triple clamp, the nuts that hold it on. i know the post is a bit confusing w/o looking at it.
  3. kaizen26

    Pro Taper triples vs. RG3's

    i am running the Pro Taper. i like them UNLESS you plan on getting a scotts stabilizer then it is a NIGHTMARE!!! STAY AWAY from them! see my thread, I have pics if you wish to see them.
  4. Just wanted to give fellow TTers a heads up. DO NOT buy these clamps if you are going to use a scotts stabilizer with bolt on post mount. The clamps have 4 adjustable bar positions, 2 forward(away from rider), two back(toward the rider). You cannot use the 2 forward positions(+6,+12) because the nuts for the bar mount hit the scotts steering post instead of the frame like intended. Frankly, I think I got hooked up with the wrong employee because he was awful but either way, long story short, do not get the 20mm offset w/ scotts stabilizer setup. It has been a nightmare for me and I wouldnt want any fellow riders to endure the same headaches. PS- it might be ok with the 22mm offset, i dunno? Anybody have any luck with this setup? I have pics if anyone wants them.
  5. kaizen26

    Favorite Rim/hub color combos?!

    not mine but cool http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j74/vbuster/Apr29407.jpg http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j74/vbuster/DCP_0828.jpg
  6. kaizen26

    -Joliet RENTAL- for Sunday Night 7/10

    I have rode there several times and just got a new 05' CRF 450 today that I am chopping at the bit to try out. I will probably be able to go and possibly recruit some people. What is the cost and time. Also, how do you want me to contact you.