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  1. Testing out the Helmet Cam. http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b242/sauce33/?action=view&current=690Edited.flv
  2. sauce

    Fathers Day

    Happy Father's Day to you all as well
  3. sauce

    Fathers Day

    Chasing my son (8 yrs old) on his TTR-90. Good Times http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b242/sauce33/?action=view&current=JEEdited-FathersDay.flv
  4. Looks like you are in the South Rim right? We were there in April this year. Here is a pic of the same area. Totally different from night to day. Same trail bottom right.
  5. No kidding...water everywhere!
  6. Great place for kids to ride.
  7. Not as big a Pauchaug. It is a 15 mile loop. One side is more technical than the other. The "bottom" side near the river is almost like a track with lots of woops and switch backs. "Top" side is washed out, woops, rutted, rocks etc.
  8. Found it!!! I guess it was the "Front Sprocket cover/top chain guide". It mounts against the frame. It was on the inside of the frame. Thank you!!!
  9. I have others but these were the best from the day. We had a great time.
  10. Thanks I'll Check it out!
  11. I checked the others, I will double check these Chain guide near sprocket Sprocket cover/top chain guide Thats a big bolt for that cover no? Thanks.
  12. It was a little wet a Thomaston dam today. This is my 8yr old son on his TTR 90. He took the pics of me. Those ruts will take you for a ride
  13. Hey TJ, I know you have taken apart you share of bikes, everyone’s helps is appreciated as well. My son found this bolt on our trailer after our ride. I have a 2008 KTM 450 XCR-W. The bike ran great, no rattles. I cannot see where it’s missing. It looks like an Exhaust mounting bolt or a Triple clamp bolt. I checked the Seat bolt, the brake calipers, the header and exhaust, Triple clamps...I'm stumped. Thanks in advanced.
  14. sauce

    SMC 690 Exhaust

    The 15 min idle is required only when you have the dealer install the Akra map or you use the Tuneboy to install a custom map. If you just added the pipe, your bike is running lean.