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    Moving out west, need input....

    You should check out Valencia, California. I live here and if you want a safe place to raise kids in the middle of the moto mecca this is the place to be. We have four tracks within an hour and two of them within a half hour. Our schools are blue ribbon schools from elementary to high school. Many major indusrty players are close such as Renthal, Mechanixwear, Dirt Rider Magazine, Answer Products, and Oneal Racing. Its a safe and clean town that is rated in the top three of the safest cities in the nation every year. You really should check it out. I think your business would do great here. On the weekends you can't drive down the street without seeing bikes in trucks everywhere. Good luck wherever you end up and if you need help don't hesitate to email me. ----Tyson Furubotten TDFURUBOTTEN@SBCGLOBAL.NET

    Big Animals - what to do in the event

    Ifyou run over a rattlesnake be sure you don't have a broken fang in your tire after you get back to the truck. If you do and you get cut by it while changing your tire you could get infected even if it is dry. Be careful.
  4. The 18ft Carson Racer is a really well built trailer for the money. My family just bought one for about $5,000. I know that isn't cheap but it is a tandom axle that is 8ft wide. It pulls like a dream and is really heavy duty. Carson trailers is located in Lancaster, CA. Check them out. Good Luck!
  5. I've been looking for a toy hauler but I'm a little confused what is the best value for my money. I've looked at Weekend Warriors, Gearboxes, etc... but every time I go riding I see another brand of trailer that is really nice and seems a little cheaper that the above mentioned trailers. What brands have all of the features that aren't a million dolars? I'm looking for about a 30-33 foot trailer. Please help.

    Best American Brand of Truck

    I have a Dodge 3500 dually diesel 4X4. I bought mine before Daimler bought them. I have 167,000 miles on it and I only change the oil and brakes. Its been a great truck to me. Its a damn work horse. Go Dodge!!!!!

    Boyesen Quick Shot

    I installed on my '02 crf450 and have a hell of a time getting the air screw adjusted correctly. I have it almost all the way in and now it is running right. It took some serious time to get it right. good luck. I had to take the stock settings and throw them out the window and just had to play with it.