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  1. MNdrz400

    Yosh TRS / TRC Ti Picture Request

    Thanks for the photos, very helpful. Eddie - I appreciate the offer, let me see what I can do with what I have first and if it doesn't work out, I'll let you know. From what I see here it looks like I have it pretty close to where it needs to be.
  2. MNdrz400

    Yosh TRS / TRC Ti Picture Request

    Thanks, best picture I have so far. It would be even more helpful with a picture from directly behind the bike.
  3. My bracket that holds the silencer to the frame on my Yosh TRS Ti system is bent and its difficult to determine the proper shape it should be bent back to. Could someone with one of these systems measure the spacer length for me (mine is missing) and also snap a picture from behind the bike that would show the shape of that bracket? I searched the forum and couldn't find a good picture from behind. Thanks!
  4. MNdrz400

    Yosh TRS Ti Sleeve - Can you change to SS?

    Thanks, I will check that one out closer.
  5. MNdrz400

    Yosh TRS Ti Sleeve - Can you change to SS?

    No luck from Yosh, the SS sleeve they thought might work is for a different TRC silencer & a larger triangular design. So I guess my options are to either pony up for the replacement Ti sleeve ($122.50), see what MRD might be able to do, or fabricate something on my own (aluminum, stainless, or maybe even carbon fiber). Sounds like a good winter project!
  6. MNdrz400

    Yosh TRS Ti Sleeve - Can you change to SS?

    Thanks for the suggestion, that is an option I hadn't considered. After asking more questions to Yosh, I did get a follow up late today that they may have a stainless sleeve that could work, but they wanted to follow up with some others that had left for the day to confirm. If I get a part number, I will post for future reference.
  7. Has anyone converted a Yosh TRS Ti silencer sleeve to stainless? My Ti sleeve is damaged and the replacement cost from Yosh is quite expensive in comparison to a stainless sleeve. So far the correspondence from Yosh is that there isn't a replacement stainless sleeve for the DRZ TRS system, there is only a Ti replacement. I thought I found the SS PN on the Yosh catalog (SCTRX1400R) but Yosh indicated that it is a discontinued part. If someone has done this, I would sure appreciate a PN of the stainless sleeve used and if it was a drop in replacement or modification was required. Thanks!
  8. MNdrz400

    Clunk into first gear from a stop.

    Some minor clunking would seem to be normal. What oil / weight are you running? I haven't seen anything that I would consider abnormal on my DRZ (I run ester based 15w50), but on previous bikes I've owned switching to a higher quality / different viscosity oil reduced the tendency for the symtom you describe.
  9. Tearing it completely down would be the best way as there is likely more damage than what you have shown. Post some pictures of the cams and cam journals - that might be a starting point to see what else might be damaged.
  10. MNdrz400

    getting ready for pikes peak! updated- WE WON!

    Just read the entire story - sounds like it was a great time - and congrats on the outcome! I was planning to get over to the AMA Pro motocross race in Millville, MN this weekend to catch some racing, but unfortunately some things came up & I wasn't able to make it.
  11. I started with the 22.5 and ended up moving up the the 25 after not being able to eliminate an off idle stumble. With the 25, I eliminated the problem 99% of the time. I ride between 500 and 1200 ft and have the kientech screw.
  12. MNdrz400

    Can I get some carb help please?

    The only way you will know you got your carb cleaned is to completely disassemble it, carefully inspect it, and clean it - spraying it down with just the float bowl off isn't going to cut it. If it sat for a long time, you may be best to just replace the jets.
  13. MNdrz400

    '02 DRZ400S new old stock

    Back in the spring of '04, I could have bought a '02 blue for $4,000 OTD - Ended up getting a '03 yellow for $4,500 OTD.
  14. MNdrz400

    Saved my Motor - Thanks!

    I'll have to ck that event out next fall. Yea, that August flood did a lot of damage down here....
  15. MNdrz400

    Saved my Motor - Thanks!

    SE MN, near Winona