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  1. DCNavy

    Rear Wheel Replacement

    Eddie, Thank you for taking the time to help out.
  2. DCNavy

    Rear Wheel Replacement

    Went out on my 2005 DRZ400SM for a nice evening ride around dusk and struck a huge pothole in a curve at about 45 mph:eek:. Literally lifted the rear wheel when it struck and bounced the rear around a bit. Could not see it until too late due to cars, curve, and dusk. When I knew I was going to hit it I just straightened the bike up. Anyway, after thanking God that I had not high-sided I realized my tire was going flat. Stopped to find a bent rim and busted rear tire. What are the options for replacement? Are there any wheels you recommend? Does anyone rebuild wheels if you send in the hub? The hubs, sprocket, and disc are good. Thanks for the help, and ride safe!
  3. DCNavy

    Taillight bracket falling off

    I have an 05 DRZ400 SM and have gone through 2 rear fenders and am on my 3rd. They are prone to break about every 6-7K miles. Each time the dealer replaced under warranty...I bought the extended warranty. Not every dealer will do this. The design is not very stable and breaks between the bolts. Recommend you replace with a better design or you will be buying it more than once. Ride safe
  4. DCNavy

    Found a small oil leak!!!

    Most likely just the crush washer. It is good for about 3-4 oil changes before it begins to leak around the plug.
  5. This is an oil analysis on my DRZ400SM when it had 13,200 miles. The oil had 800 miles on it and was Rotella synthetic 5w-40w.
  6. DCNavy

    longest lasting tires

    gbalias, What bike are you getting this mileage on, DRZ400E, 400S, or 400SM? That amount of a mileage for the Dunlop 208 rear tire on an SM is next to impossible.
  7. DCNavy

    longest lasting tires

    I got 4,500 mi or less on the two different rear 208s I used on my 2005 SM. I got over 5,500 on my Pilot Power, which to me is a better tire. I tried the Pilot Road for a few thousand but did not like the ride at all...it did not wear fast, but it was harsh. Would recommend the Pilot Power for wear and ride. Most important...do not let a front 208 wear too much or you may be slidin. Ride safe:ride:
  8. DCNavy

    2005 SM Rear tail bracket snapped!

    My DRZ400 SM rear plastic fender has broken twice...about every 7500 miles it cracks. I only ride on the road. Both times it was under warranty. Not a good thing to have happen when you are cruising at 60 mph. Ride safe.
  9. DCNavy

    cheapest price on a fmf powercore iv

    Rich, Thanks. Look forward to the post. Dave
  10. DCNavy

    cheapest price on a fmf powercore iv

    RichB, Did you ever get your HMF exhaust installed? Full system or slip on? What bike do you have? SM, S, E. If installed what is your review of the system? Thanks, Ride Safe
  11. DCNavy

    Riding Gear

    I use Joe Rocket meteor Jacket, and ballistic pants for my commute. In hot weather I use Joe Rocket phoenix jacket. Wear an Arai XD-7 helmet and Joe Rocket boots. I can vouch for the gear as I slid across the asphalt at 45 mph without a scratch. Dew on oily curve makes for good slidin. As I have said before, I run a wound clinic and see my share of injuries. By the way, business has been good lately for motorcycle injuries. Mostly abrasions and broken bones. The jackets and pants will not prevent broken bones but definitely cut down on the rash and lost tissue. Boots keep the feet somewhat protected. A great deal of motorcycle injuries involve lower leg injuries. Ride safe and smart. Nobody intends to crash...but you can prepare for it.
  12. DCNavy

    tire question

    Yes, it will fit with no trouble. I have a 2005 DRZ400 sm and have gone through two of the 208s, one pilot road, and now have the pilot power which has been the best. I have 4000 miles on the tire. Ride Safe:ride:
  13. DCNavy

    Chain Slap DRZ400 SM

    I placed my DRZ400 SM on the stand with the rear wheel off the ground. I then started the bike and placed it in gear. I noticed that the chain would systematically jump / bounce when the rear wheel was spinning and in gear. However with the rear wheel spinning and the clutch engaged the chain would not jump. It did it in first and second gear...throttle on and throttle off. Is this a characteristic of a thumper? Seems like it would be tough on the drive train. I have no problems and this may be totally normal...just asking. Not certain of correct name for this so I use "chain slap". Thanks
  14. DCNavy

    Too High Mileage? 2005 DRZ400S

    I have 15,600 miles on my DRZ400SM 2005. I commute 50 miles a day and add a few fun miles in. It still runs great...actually I like it better now than new. I change oil at 1000 mile intervals and checked valves at 12,000 with no problems. Doesn’t burn oil. Oil analysis was good with no wear particles noted. The bike looks new. My theory is that a machine with high miles which is used consistently and well maintained is better than a machine with low miles used sporadically and under maintained or even adequately maintained. Ride Safe!