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  1. Xradion_

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I have personaly decided that I look disgusting in all of those pictures.
  2. Xradion_

    This is insane

    My bf's 150 had the suspension lowered as far down as it could go. Im 5'1" or so, and I did fine. Its been a while since I've been able to ride, he went on a trip and blew out both of the tires and hasnt been able to replace them. I dont realy fit on anyother bike he has (250). And I just started school, which is hectic, with sports and academics, so forth and so on. What Im trying to get at is, I havent been able to ride in a long time and I realy want to!! Patience is key...maybe if I can make good grades my parents will be more tolerant with my eagerness.
  3. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Thanks for replying, although I think I posted this in maybe mid June or so, I appreciate all your advice. Recently, I've been around more people that ride and such, and they help educate both me and my parents. It realy does help to just talk to them about it, and show them what they need to know. Im glad people still support me here on TT. Youre right, this is going to take time, but I'm willing to wait, learn, wait and learn.
  4. Xradion_

    Where is everybody from west TN area?

    Williamson county..Middle TN
  5. Xradion_

    testing pic **Slightly Graphic Pic**

    Looks like a fake hand and fake blood. Photoshop! But if it were even possible, that would realy suck. And what idiot would stand around and take pictures??
  6. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Thanks so much!! Im guessing that the cr/yz85 is going to be better for some one like me, who is learning, and is roughly the hight of a smurf. Because I'm just learning, speed isn't realy a concern, its just nice to know. Although, in the beggining, Im almost positive Im not going to get the ideal dirtbike. The good news, Mom is realy warming up to the dirtbike idea, some of the suggestions that yall gave me (and the threats worked too) realy came in handy. Dad just got a job, after being unemployed for around 4 and 1/2 years, Im pretty sure he would do just about anything right now. Things are looking realy good! But thanks again, and Im sure you'll hear me rambling around asking more stupid questions later.
  7. Xradion_

    This is insane

    These questions might be a little redundant Im thinking about getting a KX100,so what does the kx compare to in a fourstroke, and how fast does it go? Whats the difference between it and a cr85? or a yz 85? I know the yz isnt as tame as the cr, but other than that, speed, controllablility, racing, trail riding? And how good are these bikes at taking a beating?? Anything else that I should know? I feel like a very uniformed dorky person , Youve gotta learn sometime right?
  8. Xradion_

    This is insane

    A freind and I discussed the matter of a better bike for me, while I entered my poems in poetry contests in hopes of winning big. Just another way Im scheming for money of my own. But if I remember correctly we thought : CR85 - no opinion KX100 - which is winning my vote at the moment RM100 - and no opinion YZ125 -> thinking is a bit much YZ85 -with another winning vote from me
  9. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Im around 5'2" and 100lbs Heres what I was thinken - Yam TT-R125L, Kaw KLX125L, KLX/DRZ 125 and 125L OR...if I had a spare 8,000$ (hahaha, yeah right) a CRF250XJR...but I know Im most likely to end up on a CRF150 or the TTR125 kx 100 or a yz85? sound good?
  10. Xradion_

    This is insane

    My mom wants me to think about whats more important, having a car or a dirtbike. I told her that I'll buy the dirtbike and she can buy me a car. Ive also decided I'd rather save up and buy it myself anyways, I think it will mean more to me, and Im tired of just asking for everything I get. I actualy want to earn this...does that mean Im growing up? She's got nothing to worry about, the dirtbike is more expensive anyways, especialy after you add everything up.
  11. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Uh...I go to a JCPenny's salon and I shop at Goodies...Im not a girly girl, I will be just fine with that, lol. Ive decieded to start saving...any idea's on how to get some money? I'll do anything, lol...well almost anything I suppose that all these things take time and patience...too bad I fall short on both of those things. What I get from all of this is that I have to save up and work hard, It seems fair. I guess its called dicipline for a reason...Promises are just words, so I guess I have to show them that I deserve it, and If they dont see that then, I'll be able to finance a bike + gear myself.
  12. Xradion_

    wholly chit

    holy crap!!!!! what a moose!
  13. Xradion_

    This is insane

    I live just south of Nashville, Williamson co. It seems to be somwhere in between Jackson and Madison Thank you very very much! Im sure that Im a hedache & and half more often than not.
  14. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Uh, lol, thanks I guess, but I was never a girly girl, so its not much of an adjustment...Unfortuantley, at the rate Im going I figure it'll be at least 3 years before I get a bike paying for it myself, gear and all. By then I almost would be able to move out...lol.
  15. Xradion_

    This is insane

    Even though my boyfriend sparked my intrest, I made this perfectly clear to him as I will to you, I'm doing this for me, because I want to and it kicks ass. So, FYI...I want to for me...not for him, so if we breakup, I'm still gonna be into it. I rode his 150 and I loved it, i thought it was so much fun! And as selfish as it might be, getting a dirtbike is about my own happiness!