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  1. moto_x2005

    2005 CRF250 Idle and Starting question

    sounds like you need to pull the carb off and clean it.. the float is sticking on you, jets/passages are blocked.. this will eliminate any starting and running issues that are linked to the carb, and a good time to rejet if needed..
  2. moto_x2005

    Rebuild crank myself

    you probably could do the crank yourself, and it wouldnt surprise me if you get it more true then some of these cranks sent to you from china.. two dial indicator's for the run out on both sides, V blocks, and a brass hammer/mallet you could prob get it pretty close.. everyone has to start somewhere
  3. moto_x2005

    Driven gear failed (balancer shaft gear)

    most likely a casting defect that just got worse over time and broke.. some cases a bearing will wear enough to put on pressure and end up coming apart.. was there any other metals in the oil? what did the gear that matched up with that one look like?
  4. moto_x2005

    What is the best years for the crf 250?

    where in the world are you buying your parts?? then again your in austraila, but that shouldnt change the difference between the bikes.. Chain? If your talking about a cam chain try $31 USD.. ktm may be around $180 USD because you need a special chain splitter tool.. if your talking about a drive chain once again its the same chain all bikes of that size run.. Spark Plugs? 1. its the same plug the other bikes run.. 2. you can get them for around $12 USD... $60 USD if your buying from a dealer being yamaha, honda, suzuki, kawi, ktm..ect.. you can easily go on a parts fiche and see that the twin cam motors are more pricey when it comes to parts.. an oem top end on a crf can be done for about $400 USD complete.. an oem top end on a twin cam bike will run about $600 USD complete..
  5. moto_x2005

    bike siezed

    exactly what i was going to say.. start with the oil (no metal in the filter then look into timing/top end issues..) but sounds like a toasted crank to me..
  6. moto_x2005

    upgrading 2005 crf250r to race bike, some questions

    its his bike and he wants to do engine work, so if he going to go that route already might as well point him in the correct direction..
  7. moto_x2005

    HIGHEST hour 10'crf with NO problem

    there are some high hr and low hr crfs out there.. same goes for the rmz and other brands.. not all race bikes are high or low quality nowadays
  8. moto_x2005

    How to get more power with not much cash??

    Keep it simple.. suspension set up properly and learn to twist the throttle will get you further, save the money for maintenance, track fees and fuel..
  9. moto_x2005

    What is the best years for the crf 250?

    the yzf is a good bike for the average beginner/trail rider imo.. if you want a bike that offers more for the money, easier and cheaper to work on and mod, and more offered for it then look into a crf..
  10. moto_x2005

    upgrading 2005 crf250r to race bike, some questions

    i wouldnt dump all that into an 05, I put an 09 williams motowerx head/cam/valves with a JE 13.5 in mine and it rips.. if you want to mod the 05 this is what I would do.. 13.5:1 piston, 07 head (no porting) or 09 head (ported) and a 08 cam, suspension of course.. pro circuit does a good job but there is better.. look into Jesse Williams or Ron Hamps setups..
  11. moto_x2005

    2008 CRF250R Clutch Mystery

    yea that one was out of my 05.. I replaced it with a complete hinson setup (everything) and run amsoil 10w-40 in it..
  12. moto_x2005

    Kibblewhite springs

    paint goes up! if the paint is gone the tighter wound side is on the bottom..
  13. moto_x2005

    Chain lube for sand riding?

    i used a "chain wax" (belray) it will build up a bit but it will keep the chain lubed.. clean it often and lube it all the time..
  14. moto_x2005

    2008 CRF250R Clutch Mystery

    yea that one was barely noticable when you touched it but looked bad.. and felt bad as well haha
  15. moto_x2005

    2008 CRF250R Clutch Mystery

    sounds like a grooved basket and hub.. the grooves seen on the basket fingers are bad