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  1. motoxxr

    Wanna Wipe It????

    It's kinda like 'it's not the fall that worries you, it's the stop at the end'. I have gotten it over pretty far a couple of times but never been able to pull out smoothly. Scare the S**T out of me.
  2. Try this: Set your sag Click up on the Compression two or three clicks. Leave the rebound. In my experience if you think you are going straight when you are hitting a jump, chances are your right and your setup is off.
  3. motoxxr

    Tail Swinging

    In my experience when you are suffering alot of tail swing (right or left) on the yz 250f it is your SAG that is off, not necessarily your technique. Where I ride there is an '80 tabletop and whenever my tail swings out of control I just pull off and check my sag, fix it and it does not happen anymore. Check your sag, it should fix the problem.
  4. motoxxr

    HUGE problem...need help!!!!

    I had a really nasty get off on my third or fourth time out to the track that caused me to loose all my confidence in jumping. What I did to recover it was practiced on a small (20') table top landing on my backwheel and then my front wheel, tapping the brake, dropping the front end and the revving to bring it up. Once I got comfortable with how to pull myself out of a f'ed up situation my confidence came back. Don't know if that helps but...