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  1. bred62

    ice cube 307cc anyone done this?

    the new 250f's are fast enough to win the vet classes, I race the +25 & +30 and have no problems the bikes corner fast.
  2. bred62

    done for the season

    I'm done for a year, $161,000 hospital bill, broke both wrists and dislocated the left, fractured sinus cavity and eye orbit, bruises on the brain, lacerated forehead from impact(silver dollar), a couple minor bruising, down hill triple then it swings right, there were boulders bordering the track on the left side and clipped them 4th gear, 3 months ago, left wrist/hand needs much more time
  3. bred62

    Broken Valve on my 06

    if you over rev it alot or constantly ride the rev limiter your vavlve will break on any 4-stroke
  4. bred62

    7/8 bar mounts wanted

    the OEM bar mounts are unvailable, anyone have a pair they want to sell, send me a message
  5. bred62

    Vertex piston?

    i replaced the stock w/ a pro circuit race piston kit, the bike was very resposive and crisp
  6. bred62

    Piston Seized

    The same thing happened to my friend, he took it ti the dealer and Kawi covered it, his valve dropped, my 06 no problems at all just normal maintence, pc piston, barnett clutch kit, jetted,
  7. bred62

    my bike

    i'm selling my 06 due to injuries, 6 months old, pc piston, barnett clutch, race tech susp, what did you pay, i'm trying to figure out what to ask
  8. bred62

    Washing Black Rims

    windex works the best after you wash it, do it last
  9. Well i have a few previous injuries my new ones are multiple: broken right wrist with plate and screws the cast is removed just a brace, left wrist only broke one bone but dislocated a few other and damaged my nerve still in pain, they did a second surgery to release the nerve pressure, severe gash in my forehead helmet didn't break nore goggles, friends thought i was dyin blood everywhere and goggles were filled, fracturedd sinus cavity, fractured both eye orbits, right was closed had double vision, left leg quad contusion, lump by knee size of grapefruit, thank go for cti's. bruises on brain slight bloob there, this happened three weeks ago, left wrist surgery is two weeks old and have an infection currently can only feel half of all my fingers. last time i fell was 1 yr ago and got hurt, i'm a fast vet 31yrs old, i think i just retired???
  10. bred62

    New graphics

    IT has showa suspension, get the KYB sticker off
  11. bred62

    CRF250R "clank" sound... help!??

    astro are you finally sober
  12. bred62

    leaky water pump

    Change your water pump if it is antifreeze leaking, change both seals and bearing as well. My 06 was leaking oil from the weep, bad ring was causing blow by pressure, i changed the piston ring and replaced both seals and bearing. good luck
  13. bred62


    Me and 2 friends were going to check it out for the first time tomorrow, is it worth it?
  14. bred62

    Bog Problem

    If it has a quick adjust fuel screw the tiny O ring could be bad, it happened on my 06,
  15. bred62

    Gorman Track Help...Lessons

    Alright lets put it together