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  1. miretdi

    Bark buster clamps hitting side of tank

    I had to grind part of my Crycra pro bend barkbusters attachment to avoid hitting the Clarke 4.7 tank.
  2. miretdi

    tool kit for a long trip...

    If you don't know look up how to bypass the safety switches. It is good to know just in case one decides to fail at a bad time.
  3. miretdi

    Stripped counter shaft splines(photo's)

    You are right Ben it was done with an arc welder. There was little in the way of options where I was (solo in Mexico, and not really in Durango, where there would have been plenty of options). I agree that MIG welding it in 3-4 spots would be the best for removal and replacement at a later date. With that said I removed mine with an L-head grinder in less then 5 minutes and could have welded another one on if I had needed to. I'm a believer that the weld it on method works and can be changed out relatively easily with the right tools or friends.
  4. miretdi

    Stripped counter shaft splines(photo's)

    I didn't find the countershaft replacement that hard, but waiting for parts and finding the time is the killer. If I hadn't wanted to put a kick start on my XRL (which requires changing the countershaft) I probably would have just left it welded on. It seems that at this point there is nothing really to loose, the countershaft is cashed, and in 5 minutes of welding you can be riding again. Good luck
  5. miretdi

    Stripped counter shaft splines(photo's)

    I had the sprocket welded onto the countershaft of my XRL when the retaining bolts came loose and caused a similar problem. The weld job is excessive but I was in Durango Mexico with little in the way of options. It was still fine 4K miles later, when I decided to tear it down and replace it.
  6. Here are some pictures of a rear rack that I made to hold some Pelican cases, you could make something similar for soft cases. It bolts to the rear foot mount (I got longer bolts and also reattached the pegs too) and through the two holes where the turn signals are mounted (I tapped the inside of the rack to bolt it on here). Here are the best pictures I have right now hope this helps. The rack is tweaked here since I crashed, note the lid ripped off the peli case. You can see how I attached it to the rear pegs here
  7. miretdi

    For all you NX 650 Fans out there

    Here is a picture of an FMX I saw in Greece they do look cool.
  8. Hey dirtlover cool mod are you still running the trx 450r pipe? Any more info or impressions now/if you have ran it for awhile. Thanks
  9. miretdi

    XR600R rebuild

    The Honda approved method for my XR650L manual uses a gear holder to secure the crank.
  10. miretdi

    My XR 600 – The saga continues (Pics)

    I asked about a similar "small piece" that I found when I rebuilt a 1985 XL350R. Here are the replies as to what it might be. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=450897&highlight= I left it out when I put the motor back together, 2K miles later no problems. Good luck with your rebuild.
  11. miretdi

    What's the longest trip on a XRL

    1.The bike ran fine on the Mexican fuel. I ran magna the whole time. 2.There were a couple of issues: First the bolts holding the countershaft sprocket on came loose, which caused the shaft and sprocket to become striped and ruined. I just had the sprocket welded on and kept going. Also the neutral safety switch broke. However grounding the proper wire on the CDI fixes this. 3. The bike has Dave's mods, desmog, Clarke 4.7 gal tank, and xr400 oil cooler. The only thing I might change is to add a throttle lock for long slab sections. P.S. I also had some padded riding shorts which help tremendously!
  12. miretdi

    What's the longest trip on a XRL

    I rode my xr650l a little over 9K on a trip through Mexico last summer. The longest day was was on the way home, 715mi from Mesa AZ to near Bridgeport CA. Lots of slab riding with some fun dirt thrown in. It was an awesome trip I will not soon forget. The xrl will take you as far as your hands and rear can stand. Here is a pick of my bike in Baja.
  13. miretdi

    Installing a New Gas tank for first time

    Like husky123 said it is suppose to attach for tank stability. I left mine off and have had no problems (9k miles later with some tumbles) maybe I'm just lucky? If you did want to add more stability some people have used small tie rod ends which look way better then a rusted piece of wire.
  14. miretdi

    Bogus Clarke tank

    Mine (Clarke 4.7) leaked too. Not at first though it waited until I was camping on the beach 8 miles from town in Baja. I made a seal from some breather hose and it is still holding 7K miles later.
  15. miretdi

    side racks on 650L

    Thanks, I'm going to post a ride report at advrider soon.