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  1. oz_dirtrider

    Italian being temperamental

    2017 Beta 300RR, just refitted OI back in, new plug cleaned up the wiring started the night before to double check including voltage(14.2) then trailer ride for 3day ride and that's as far as it got. No starting to the point l flatten the battery - absolutely no spark. Tested the wiring to the kill switch, stator leads for continuity all OK. Pulled the plug and kicked her over to see spark - no go. Took plug out stuck a screw driver no spark. Thanks to a multimeter at camp and the wonders of mobile internet, tested the stator coils and they were well in spec. However, the ignition coil was another story! Whilst the primary to earth measured within spec, the earth to plug lead should read 13.2 the result was 6.05ohm. I can't rule out a faulty Ecu but has anyone had a faulty coil?
  2. oz_dirtrider

    P-Tech Pipe Guard & FMF Fatty

    Me first Beta..spent 2 days cleaning up the wiring...typical Italian!!! Found some yellow sandpaper as well lol..Cheers!
  3. oz_dirtrider

    P-Tech Pipe Guard & FMF Fatty

    yeah sorry about that...had to ride it [emoji14]
  4. oz_dirtrider

    17/18 Beta Speedo

    Hi all, Replaced a malfunctioning speedo on my 17 300RR and wanting to know if I'm able to set my previous km's and hours? l know the old trailtech type from the 15s you can but there is nothing in the manual about setting them up again?