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  1. Harley hater, We (The wife & I) are headed on up to FH Friday, if ya don't mind riding with yammies & bergs and don't flap your gums toooo much, your welcome to join us. Just a note- I hate loudmouth wannabe's that ramble on about this & that, Shut up & ride is where it's at. Probably why I like riding with "Bigbob" so much- most of Bob's intelligible verbiage came outta his lower end..(Garlic poisoning?) Shoot me a PM it yer interested, get the shit together & such.. Dan BTW, Bob- tell Connie Lee says HI! We think about riding with you guys with fond memories.. Yeah, I love you too, ya Norge bast'd..
  2. Those fork torque settings are for SX type triple bolt clamps, the 2 screw clamps require a little more. Being it's a 525, newer specs don't necessarily apply. Stoli, whay model (EXC,Mxc, sxf, etc) do you have?
  3. 15Nm on the Lower clamps, 20Nm on the uppers. Axle pinch bolts are 10Nm. If you have an American (SAE) torque wrench, multiply above numbers by .75, getcha in the ballpark. (Example- 20Nm = 15ftlbs) Got any more Q's, shoot me a PM, got the whole manual & can send it to ya pdf. Dan
  5. Not me, Stoneyford's waay too tough. I'm spending the weekend at Metcalf watching all the good riders go round & round on the MX track- should be fun!! (Hope not too many 2 stroke riders show up though)
  6. Here's a thread showing what was cut. http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=221181&hl=
  7. A friend of mine has an 07 450exc with the exact same mods as yours, he also thought it was too loud. He went with a Leo Vince X3 slip on unit with the quiet/spark arrested tip in, much quieter & no jetting changes were required. The X3 comes with 4 tips- two non-arrested quiet & loud, two arrested quiet & loud. I've been running a Leo Vince on my 04 for the past 3 years, it's still in good shape with no noticeable increase in sound. The TT store doesn't list your model, but it is available thru Leo Vince. http://www.leovinceusa.com/main/products/sbk/sbk_slipons.php
  8. I've tried the K&N filters on several bikes over the years, bottom line- more hassle than their worth. Get a Twinair, Uni, or whatever's on sale. Twinair is my favorite, can wash it in gas and it don't fall apart.
  9. Get yourself a big plastic "Kitty litter" type tub for working on your carb. Do all the dis-assembly / assembly inside the the tub. Keeps all the little parts from getting lost and collects any fuel that might leak out.
  10. With a 42 pilot, try the screw at 1 3/4 turns out.
  11. I've been riding SSS spots, regular OHV spots and just about all the spots mentioned here at TT since the 60's/70's.. Bottom line? It's all crowded nowdays. Would I ride with YZwiley, or other eletist cry babies? Doubt it- never thought I'd see such a bunch of dirtbikers become so self-centered. I like Rocky though..Even if his real name is Tim...
  12. Nutt, If yer too lazy to go back a page, I re-posted the pic..Ya mud slingin' goathearder.. Ol' Nutt always finds the right place to take a leak...
  13. I was referring to the the can I deliberately smashed into with my truck.. Nutt in a rutt...
  14. Nutt, ya rat bast'd, thought I trained ya better than that... Remember, when ya crash, show'm yer ass! By the way, How's your garbage can...Heehehe....
  15. I'm game, just so long as you promise not to shoot my balls off! Last time hurt real bad...