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  1. Schoonmacher

    Ed why remove the pilot air jet?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will not touch the pilot air jet on mine.
  2. I have a '05 DRZ-SM with a Yosh. pipe, 3X3,K&N filter, and 39mm FCR flat slide.(not a MX) Why am I reading about people removing the 100 slow air jet? Will this do anything for my carb? The rest of the jetting is what you had listed before, except the main. It is a #165, and I have an extra spring on the excel pump linkage.
  3. I have an '05 DRZ-SM with Yosh Pipe and a 39mm FCR Flat Carb. It also has the air box opened up and a KN filter. I installed the jetting that Burned says works, but had a problem with popping with closed throttle at high RPMs. I also had problem with slight bog when going from idle to wide open throttle. For the bog I made an extra spring that fits inside the stock spring on this style FCR. I know the trick for the MX FCR is to safety wire the linkage, so you get a harder shot. The extra spring does the same thing for the flat FCR. With the carb off the bike, it will shoot fuel about 10 ft.. Then I talked to a friend at Mad Brothers Racing, in Easton, PA. We looked at the plug and determined I was lean on the top. I changed to a 165 main, and that made a big change in the way the bike pulls. It will power the wheel up in second gear with just little pull on the bars. It would not do that before. Still working on the popping. If I put in a 48 pilot and open the screw 3 turns it does not pop at all, but the screw will not stay in. I just put the 45 pilot back in, and am going try to work on it later today.
  4. Schoonmacher

    drzsm...floaty on the highway...

    My SM does a wobble at speeds above 90mph. It was not as bad before I put on hand guards. I am going to try it with the mirrors removed and see if that helps. Loosening up my grip on the bars helps alot.
  5. Schoonmacher

    Blinker burned...thanks exhaust

    OK I will leave the CV carb on and still Smoke you in the twistes. You have to catch me to break my hip. I will show you how to ride when you come up at the end of the month. Love Dad:ride:
  6. Schoonmacher

    Blinker burned...thanks exhaust

    Hi Son, You could do like your old man and get the edge tail light and turn signal brackets. Then install Moto Trax signals. They are not LED signals, so they don't require any blinker mods. They are out of the way of the Exhaust. I got the signals at Cycle Gear in Allentown, PA. By the way when I get the FCR on my SM it will be Faster Than Your's!!!!