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  1. Ya i was sitting like ten rows up right in front where stewart got landed on... he totally cross jumped setting up for that next corner... I'm not a stewart fan but seeing him hit that hard and him getting up and making it to the main shows some guts. Aside from his ego that seems to have its own orbit these days...
  2. RideRed1606

    Going KTM

    Well heres my .02 even though everyone else has beaten me to it. Ive got a 400 exc 2004. As far as tight singletrack goes i wouldnt give it up for another 04 450. the 400 is super easy and forgiving its easier to ride fast, because the deliver makes it seem like you are actually riding slower. I know it sounds stupid. But you may look at the 08 and up 450s, unless im mistaken they are acutally a larger bore and shorter stroke than the older rfs models. This will give you a pretty good comprimise between the older 400 and 450. Your best bet find out when the next ktm demo day is and go ride em all!!!!
  3. RideRed1606

    why no hot start lever?????

    I believe that the sx models have the hot start... that is probably why it shows up in your manual.Exc's do not my friend. It may have said that but for an sx model... thats what my manual says... double check just my .02
  4. I personally wear compression shorts when I ride... keeps everything together if you know what i mean... nothing hurts worse than hitting a braking bump and sitting on one... mm my stomach hurts already
  5. 400 is awesome!!!! The power is 100% usable. In tight woods you can controll the bike very well and once you hit a fire road rip the throttle and it screams and comes alive. When i was in the market I was actually faster on the 400 compared to the 450. and after about 30 mins i was wore out from the 450 as well. I think your headed in the right direction. O ya and mines an 04 and from what i hear next in line to the old xr motors the RFS motors are the least maintenance intensive. Plus adjusting valves is a snap! Good luck on your decision
  6. hey i remember a while back someone on here had taken their coolant hoses and dipped them in some rubberized coating, I was wondering if anyone knew who this was or where i could pick some of this up, (bike is torn apart due to a timing chain catastrophie) just lemme know... its time to go back together
  7. RideRed1606

    No front brake

    Just my .02 but it sounds like u must be getting air in the system some how otherwise you would be losing brake fluid like crazy. check your line if there is any pin holes or how does it do right after you bleed it?
  8. RideRed1606

    Wash day

    x's a zillion for the husky... u wanna throw those wheels my way?
  9. RideRed1606

    MY rims

    Schweet... well im from kansas so im out, but lemme know I just dont wanna ruin a nice set of excel rims
  10. RideRed1606

    MY rims

    Wow bro, your getting a little bent outta shape about this whole deal... They were just voicing their opinions. If you dont want people's advice then dont post pictures of your stuff. And since this thread got hijacked OSRIDER how did your wheels turn out after a ride? Im thinking of doing the same thing to my KTM... just checkin
  11. RideRed1606

    KTM guys: What should I get???

    I know you are looking to replace your 600, so you are probably wanting to stay around that displacement, but I picked up a 04 ktm 400exc a couple of weeks ago, The thing is a blast in singletrack but once I hit a fireroad the thing just opens up and runs awesome! I'm extremely satisfied with the bike and the best thing is that it doesn't tire you out at all the power delivery is spot on! Thats just my opinion im also 5'10 and only about 150 without gear but at least you've picked the right color.
  12. RideRed1606

    YROCK Where ya at?

    I just got done watching the Crested Butte vid from yrock again and am thinking to my self where have you been, I need some more of your helmet cam vids. I have watched each of yours like 5 times a piece. I hope youve got one hell of a compilation or something cause your videos rock! Lets see some more!
  13. RideRed1606

    Need some bike decision help....

    Well im sure glad i started surfing the ktm forum because once i sold my bike I was headed straight to the dealership to pick up the honda... I am completely sold on the 400 right now, the only problem is finding one, I cant wait.
  14. RideRed1606

    Need some bike decision help....

    Ok sounds good... I also am big into the dunes and i ride down on the river back home so theres a lot of sand, and that extra hp would definately help. You guys have been a ton of help, i really appreciate it. I'm gonna go take a ride on my buddies 250x and make a decision. Let me know if anyone around kansas is lookin for a 230!!!
  15. RideRed1606

    Need some bike decision help....

    hmm... ok well you dont think the 400 will be too overpowering and big. I'm 5'9" 150lbs. I can definately outride my 230 even after being off of it. I would like to take a ride on the 400 before I fork over the cash. And im guessing the 400 isnt gonna be a walk in the park to find a used one around the 4 thousand mark huh?