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  1. Any tips on how to remove the rear wheel bearings on my 98 CR125? I bought replacement bearings from Moose racing and it came with 3 bearings and 2 seals. Does this sound right? I've got the old dust seals off each side, but I'm not quite sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have recently begun tearing down my father's 78 Elsinore CR250. I've finally located a set of replica plastics with what seems to be the right color, so the project is finally moving forward. I have everything stripped off the frame, and I'm wondering what you guys recommend for finishing the frame. I want a finish that will be tough enough to ride the bike and not have it chip off everywhere. Should I sandblast it and have it powdercoated or painted or what?
  3. hunterg

    87 CR 125 restore job

    Hello all, I just recently started tearing down my dad's 78 Elsinore CR250 for a frame off restoration. My father recently passed away from cancer and I want to completely restore his old motocrosser as a tribute to him. The motor was running(pretty much) when I pulled it and there are a few new items that were redone in the past year or so. It has new rubber, rims, and spokes front and rear. The rear fox air shocks were rebuilt with new internals and are in perfect working condition(I believe). Everything on the bike is in working condition, but I want to have everything refinished. As the bike sits now, it is completely stripped. Almost all of the factory hardware is accounted for and reusable, granted I clean them up a bit. I guess my main question is, is it still possible to get parts for this motorcycle? The thing it needs mostly is new plastics. The fenders and side covers are completely faded and I dont think they can be saved. The front forks could probably use a rebuild, as I would like them stiffer anyway. It probably could use a new airbox as well. Other than that I think everything else can be restored. Am I out of luck ordering original parts from Honda? Is my only option to watch ebay and classifieds for CR250s being parted out? I will soon make a post with pictures...and many more questions! Thanks for reading. Huffa 2 and CharlieT, your bikes look incredibly clean and well done. Gives me great inspiration to do my father's bike right. I suprised my sister with what I am doing with the CR and she is so excited. I hope I can have the bike finished by our next vintage bike day at the shop!
  4. hunterg

    Possible overheating

    I have an 05 WR450 and I think it overheated today. What kind of damage will overheating do to this motor? A friend of mine was riding it today and he just called me and said that there was smoke coming out the bottom of the bike, and that the coolant resevoir under the rear fender was empty and was making a bubbling noise. I told him not to ride it anymore and let me come pick it up tomorrow. What should I check for? Should I compression test it? I have only checked the compression on my car once and I had to crank the motor over and over with the fuel relay unplugged while holding the throttle wide open. Is this basically the same procedure as the WR? My electric starter is dead, so is there another way to do the compression test? Thanks for the help
  5. Two questions: 1. Is there an online tutorial for changing the oil on an 05 WR450? I've only changed the oil myself twice so I don't remember exactly how to do it. 2. Where is the best place to buy a new service manual? Dealership? I know as soon as I buy a new one I'll find my old one though!! thanks
  6. I have removed the throttle stop screw on my 05 WR450F, and was preparing to cut it according to the length given on thumperfaq.com, but this site mainly refers to the 250. Accoring to thumperfaq, including the head, the stock screw is 1.30" (33mm), but this is the WR250. Mine measures a bit over 1.4" (36mm) stock. So does anybody know the correct length to cut the WR450f stock screw to? I've searched these forums, but all of the links point toward the 250 bikes. Thanks Hunter