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    technique (again)

    I am 62 and recent bikes include FZ1, Monster and ST4. I now want something slower but fun for weekend rides, 100 or so miles, twisties. I have found that each of these bikes require faster and faster speeds to keep the same fun level. I do not care for nor do I ride in the city except to leave town for the country. I have my eye on the DRZ 400SM. Looks like great fun and about the right power for my new "slow-down" style. However, I have read some previous threads and I am concerned about riding technique. I ride sports-type bikes and was wondering whether this bike can be ridden with the same technique or will I be forced to try and teach this old dog a new trick? All suggestions appreciated.
  2. Recently bought a BMW R12gs coming from more sporty bikes (FZ1). 61 y/o. The r12 is a real nice road bike but i decided that I needed to learn to ride off road to take full advantage of the bike. I am in New Orleans. This weekend I teamed up a business trip to Atlanta with a dual-sport lesson in the mountains of north georgia. WOW!!! I road a 250 cc dual sport mostly on fire roads up and down the mountains with lots of good instruction. I've never had more fun on two wheels. I now have decided that i need a light weight dual sport to really enjoy off road (if i can find one here in southern Louisiana). The 250 was great but i suspect that i will have to ride 25-40 miles to get to something to ride on and therefore i guess the 250 may be too small. Would you all recommend a 300, 400 ? All suggestions appreciated...thanks