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  1. roybfr

    Show your PIG

    These pics are almost a year old, from my trip to Bonneville Salt flats in 07. My bike is still scared from the salt. I tried riding out to the "Island" but the salt was just to wet last year. Broke my foot in April, so yesterday was the first day I had ridden it this year.
  2. Have a new XR650L, only put 40 miles on it and can't get it to start after sitting a month. Only mod is to remove smog stuff and it started and rode fine after that. I drained the bottom of the carb, bought and tried new plugs. Have tried the Honda flooded instructions, charged the batter. Just getting frustrated and need some ideas. My million year old TW200 with a dead battery, tons of miles, FMF pipe ect started up with just a few kicks. On the XR it just turns over, don't even get a little start and shut off. Checked the gas, the petcock. Grrr.
  3. I am left handed. Yeah I was thinking about it today, I used to have the same pain when I was doing a lot of FPS gaming.
  4. Recently I have developed some pain in my right thumb/palm area. Does any one have any suggestions to easy the strain?
  5. roybfr

    after hotcams difficult to start

    Bringing this back form the dear rather then starting a new thread. I have the same issue, just installed Stage 2 E & I cams and E base gasket. I figured it was the higher comp. Is it possible to install a E kick start on an S/SM or is it cost prohibitive?
  6. I assume the S cable is the same as the SM, are the pipe ends by the carb L shapped?
  7. sahkomies, what throttle cables are you using I see you have an FCRMX
  8. I have the S/SM boot. The Sudco bell fits in really tight, to the point it is stretching it over the bell. I think I may just toss the Mikuni back in since I have the FMF SM Kit for it (long story) just to get the bike running till I get all the E stuff sorted out. I have had an E boot on order for a month, the petcock was out of stock and on back order. I am just at the point that I want my bike running again. I have the E bell, which I know will fit better in the E boot then the Sudco bell is fitting in the SM boot. The Sudco bell has a small lip that I could file down but I don't think I want to go that far. Sorry no pics of the process, should have. The whole thing was not to hard, just took time. Putting the piston back in the cylinder was PITA. The bigger issue was always having to order a different part because something was on BO.
  9. Trying to finish my install. Put on Yoshi, E gasket, Stage 2 Hotcams and FCR (MX). Only missing an E petcock to really get it back together (SM one hits FCR, plus using Sudco velocity stack has not vacuum connection) should be here next week. For now I just set the gas tank on top with the SM petcock just to see if it would start, which it did (thought the battery was a little dead after sitting for a month). Anyway I have 2 1/2 problems to solve aside from the petcock. First I can get the black breather box back in there to save my life. I am trying to put it in after the FCR is installed. I may be able to get it to fit if I put it in before the carb. Are there any other options? Next is the throttle cables. I picked up the E ones but I am having 2 issues with them. When both hooked up the throttle does not spring back. So currently I am only running it with one. Next issue with them is that I cant seem to get enough slack in the cable to get it to hook up with out pulling the throttle slight open, so when the bike started it was at part throttle. Is there anything on the carb or a way to get more cable exposed. Finally my 1/2 problem is getting the boot over the Sudco stack. It is on there but if I clap it down any more the top want to slip out. It was a PITA to get on the stack in the first place, and am afraid that over time it may come off. Anyone else have this issue and and suggestions?
  10. roybfr

    Sudco velocity stack for FCR question

    Cool thanks. Hopfully I can get this thing back up and running by the weekend, shes been down for over a month.
  11. roybfr

    Sudco velocity stack for FCR question

    I will look at the shipping bill of lading when i get home and post the part number. I just called them and asked for the FCR velocity stack that fit the S boot. I could not find it in the catalog at the time.
  12. I just got a velocity stack from Sudco for my FCR that fits to the S/SM boot. The E boot was on back order so this was the next best thing. One thing I noticed is that the Sudco velocity stack does not have a hose nipple/barb coming out of the left side (left when on bike) like the E velocity stack does. I assume this was for a vacuum so it should not be a problem that it is absent.
  13. roybfr

    PAS confusion for FCR

    Once I put it in the right hole it went in fine. I just had it in my mind that it replaced the bottom slow jet. After looking at the FCR diagram on Sudco it was a lot more clear where it needed to go.
  14. roybfr

    PAS confusion for FCR

    Thanks, after some diagram looking I figured out that it did not go on the bottom but on the side under the velocity stack.
  15. roybfr

    PAS confusion for FCR

    Ok I got the PAS and spring from Sudco. So I am confused. It takes the place of the slow jet (some times call pilot jet), not the pilot screw correct?