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  1. THANKS for the input. I'll just leave the jetting alone until I try it out this spring.
  2. I have a 2003 CR250R 2-smoke. It has an FMF Gnarly pipe, Turbine Core SA, JD jetting kit, and V-Force 3 reed block. I ride it in the woods, not on MX tracks at all. I've been running 32:1 and would like to switch to 50:1. I've been running Bel-Ray H1R, which can be mixed at 50:1. But I'm switching to Amsoil, either Interceptor or Dominator oil. I have an Amsoil customer card and use their 10w-40 in the trans and in my street bike. Is there a general rule on how many main jet sizes to go down, for a starting point? Pilot jet reduction? Obviously, I'll have to tweak from there and maybe change the needle height, too. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Has anyone from this region been to Highland Park Resort in GA? What's your impression? Will you go back? It was written up several months ago in Dirt Rider - they made it sound pretty good. A few of us from northeast IL are considering going there this spring/summer. http://www.highlandparkresort.com/index.asp
  4. have you looked at Highland Park Resort? there was a write up in Dirt Rider about it a few months ago. http://www.highlandparkresort.com/index.asp
  5. I bought the kit from them in Feb. don't see it listed anymore. I would call/email them & ask about it.
  6. Don't know about nothern IN, but check out the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan website. there's loads of trails in MI, incl. the lower part of the state. you need to buy an annual sticker, good from April to April, I think. then ride away. you can contact them or send for trail maps.
  7. 58 here, will be 59 in Nov. I've ridden off & on since 1973 - woods only, not MX. ride an '03 CR250R w. a 10 oz. flywheel wt., FMF Gnarly pipe & Turbine Core Q silencer/SA.
  8. I have an "03 CR250R w. a Gnarly pipe & a 10 oz. flywheel wt. Turbine Core Q silencer will be the next purchase.
  9. I would start by looking on E-Bay. You could check with Works Performance or Progressive Suspension for an aftermarket one.
  10. A friend of mine has an early Yamaha IT175 - '78 maybe. The bike still runs great but the rear damping is toasted. Does anyone know of someone who can rebuild the rear monoshock? Thanks. oldfart400 98WR400F
  11. Matt: Tom goes to RCR frequently - I'm sure you'd know him. He & I ride together. We both have WR400F's. We ride the Rock, sometimes at Wedron, & we also went to the Cliffs, east of Marseilles on Rt 6, once, but it was muddy down in the woods so we didn't venture too far in. We'll try it again this spring. We went to St. Joe's State park in Missouri - about 80-90 miles south of St. Louis - it was a really good ride. Also tried Michigan, up by Cadillac - the trails were great in a couple of the areas and whooped out in another, but long trail loops - lots of fun! what do you ride? email us this spring and maybe we can meet up. trowlee@yahoo.com or jrp412@yahoo.com. John - oldfart400
  12. Where are Solon and Bluff Creek exactly? I live SE of Ottawa and ride there, but know about these other places. Thanks. John (oldfart400) 98WR400F
  13. Has anyone tried Klotz CoX-Oc? It is a fuel oxygenating additive that's supposed to contain 37% oxygen. You add one gallon to 5 gals. of gas and you can supposedly use your near sea level jetting at high altitudes like Colorado. It's over $40/gal. but you get 6 gals of fuel and can use it with 2 or 4 strokes. If you're going for a long weekend, once a year, it would be way easier than messing around with jetting changes. One of the bike mags - sorry, don't remember which one, did a product review several months ago. They used it with a 2 stroke and had good success. Check out the Klotz site for more info - www.klotzlube.com. It's under motorcycles and additives.
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