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  1. MWatts9728

    2006 TE-610 up close and personal

    I was checking it out at a dealer here in L.A. yesturday. Its $7199.00 plus taxes, fees & Reg. He says it OTD price is $8321.00 but well see about that. The bike is very light, slender, and stylish in comparision to my old DR650. I found one web site that claims it has like 56.somthing H.P. and a top speed of 110. Those measurment where in metric but I used a online conversion table to recalulate. The dealer claims it has more low end torque and a broader power band than the KTM which he also sells. The bike he has now is already sold so a test ride is out of the question but in a month or so I'm going to make him order another one:) As for the availablity of the bikes he says these are the first ones for the year and he will be getting more of them in four weeks or so. Here is a interesting & informative riders review of the SM http://www.motoring.co.za/index.php?fSectionId=918&fArticleId=2447227 It says the SM has 41.8 kilowatts energy which converts to just a hair over 56 horsepower. Thanks Mathew
  2. MWatts9728

    Carburator question

    Hello everyone this is my first post on thumpertalk.com. I have a 1991 DR 650 S. I put a white bros 41 mm f/S tapered bore carburator on to it. And now I have a general carburator related question. I need the adjust the pilot adjustment screw. This screw would be located under a little brass cap right? The tiny brass cap looks like a inside out drain plug would look like on the cylinder head of a car only much smaller. Do I need to drill this out to find the adjustment screw? Thank you Mathew watts