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  1. xr200rrider

    RM 250 conversion?

    Hi guys, There is a RM 250 rolling chassis near me for $100...would it make a good option for a conversion? I have a 83 xr200 motor I would like to try in it.
  2. xr200rrider

    my xr200/cr 125 conversion

    Very nice... Good job
  3. xr200rrider

    Here comes the Bride...

    It has been going around at my work...then someone found this one... It is pretty good too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqiw-Kqtlr0&NR=1
  4. xr200rrider

    '83 xr200r valve adjustment. Please help.

    I have an 83 and in the book it says. 0.05mm intake and 0.08mm exhaust
  5. LOL They are not really my light. It was and email joke I got and then I opened up TT and someone was asking for pics of lights. thought it was funny. The wife was on my case to get the Christmas lights up for a couple of weeks. They're up now, and for some reason she won't talk to me?
  6. xr200rrider

    XR200 tool bag

    I use a fanny pack, I found a nice (well nice for a fanny pack) leather one that I rigged up to where the tool bag went.
  7. xr200rrider

    I need everyones help

    Thank for the answer on the dremels everyone...I might pick one up to try but I will probably just stick with the clippers for now. It took me so long to get somewhat comfortable to do it so now that I got a system I may as well stick with it.
  8. xr200rrider

    I need everyones help

    Sorry to hijack (sorta) but I was wondering if you (YamaMama or anyone who has used it) have use that dremel trimmer...if so how did you find it, I hate cutting Murphy nails almost as much as he hates having it done so I have been wondering about it. Or should I just wait for the new website. Also maybe something on common problem for certin breeds like hip displacia or how ever you say it.
  9. xr200rrider

    I need everyones help

    I suggestion I would like to make is as well as breed specific how about for mutts or mixed breeds, they always seem to get over looked. And of course the picture section.
  10. xr200rrider

    Honda Xr200r Wins

    I knew I saw that somewhere before... The little 200 that could!!!!
  11. xr200rrider

    Honda Xr200r Wins

    That is awsome!!! 1st 3rd and 4th XR200 the little bike that could
  12. xr200rrider

    Lowering compression, XR200

    Are you home "O"? or just bored and no granades to play with...
  13. xr200rrider

    My 2000 XR 200R - Pics

    I would leave them I thought that they went the other way but since the old '83 doesn't have any graphics (less weight means you go faster right?) I wasn't sure... Look at it this way you are now 1 of a kind.
  14. xr200rrider

    My 2000 XR 200R - Pics

    Looks nice and clean. The black seat looks good.