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  1. grzbmb

    Help on a 93 XR250L

    right on, after reading alot of threads on here, was wondering about that...will check that.
  2. grzbmb

    Help on a 93 XR250L

    Thanks, I have checked that too. I actually got it started today again, rode it for about 3 minutes, pulled it back into the garage, and it died again....lol it's dead again.
  3. grzbmb

    Help on a 93 XR250L

    It just died on me a few weeks ago. I cleaned the carb, adjusted the valves, replaced the plug, got it running, and it ran great for about 40 miles. On my way home, was climbing a hill, bike started pinging, dropped a gear, felt the bike..."shutter" a bit, but it ran great, when I got close to the top, thought I had better pull in the clutch to make sure it will keep running, and it died immediately, popped the clutch back out, it started up again, made it to the top and pulled the clutch in at the light and wasn't quick enough on the throttle, and it died instantly, poof, died, and hasn't started again. I have recleaned the carb, rechecked the valves, I have spark, compression, fuel just no fire in the hole. I am a bit lost on this one, any ideas that I could be missing? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. grzbmb

    Carb help

    Thanks for the help..will double check the hot start, and yes ran it with fresh gas.
  5. grzbmb

    Carb help

    Buddy has an 05 WR250, had it stored for a year, didn't drain the tank or add any stabil. Now when he rides, he rolls the throttle on, and the rpm's stay high, they are very slow to come down. I took the carb out and cleaned it for him, it was a bit varnished, a few goobers in it, reinstalled it, and still the same problem. The cables are not binding, they run smooth. Checked the resistance of the TPS, and it seems good except for when the throttle is turned full, a little low, per the book. What are the indications if the TPS is going bad? Any other ideas? Not a carb guys myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. grzbmb

    WR vs YZ subframe

    Does anyone know for sure if a YZ subframe will work on a WR? My kid bent his on his 02, I don't really want to spend 250.00 on a new one, and have found several yz subframes on ebay, but don't know if the airbox, exhaust will all bolt up. I know 02 wr is round steel and yz is aluminum...still work?? Dealer was no help...If anyone knows for sure, I'd like to know..thanks