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  1. I'm getting a new bike within the next week. I'm a slow vet rider that wants to do the least amount of mods as possible, probably just the suspension since I weigh 215. I mainly ride motocross tracks, just the practice sessions I don't race. My last bikes were 03yz250f and an 04yz450f, I liked the 250f better because of handling but it barely got me to the top of some of the big uphill jumps. The new 450 yamis are supposed to handle better now and have good suspension and I like the Honda because I just like it. What do I get?
  2. freebird917

    Valve clearance 101

    Thanks for taking the time to create this post it is very helpful.
  3. freebird917

    Anyone have a stock '06 250f shock spring for sale?

    i have the stock shock spring off a 03 250f if u want that?
  4. I ride a 03 yz250f and i'm ready to install a big bore kit. I weigh 225 and need a little more power, but I'm not ready for a 450f yet. Which size and brand has been the best for some of you guys? I don't race I just go to tracks and practice. My valves have always been in spec. and I ride this bike pretty hard. I would like to have a good reliable kit so please give me some advice.
  5. freebird917

    07 yz450f $7000 out the door?

    06 yz450fs are selling for $4994.00 at Abernathys in Union City, TN www.abernathycycles.com
  6. freebird917

    suspension revalve

    enzo is very good
  7. freebird917

    yz250f v.s. yz450f

    ok man heres the deal, ive been riding now for nine months,total newbie. no mx expierence at all. my weight is 220, so went out and got a brand new 04yz450f. wow what a beast this thing is. my roomate has a 03yz250f and i ride his bike more than mine. after riding these bikes back to back all the time, i by far like the 250f more than the 450f. it handles better,lighter,more forgiving(for when u have arm pump and blip the throttle by accident)and i could ride that thing all day long. get a 250f, it has plenty of power, especially get the 250f if ur just riding fields and trails.